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Dancing With The Stars: Kate Gosselin Is Grateful For The Support Of Her Fans

April 15, 2010 09:00 AM by Nancy Floyd


She may have had the lowest score on Monday night’s episode of ABC‘s Dancing With the Stars, but Kate Gosselin definitely felt the love. Despite recent tension with dance pro partner, Tony Dovolani, and a custody battle with ex-husband, Jon Gosselin, the single mother of eight was encouraged and empowered by the support of her fans. Keep reading for more about Kate’s “amazing” fan base and why Tony Dovolani is so proud of her…

Minutes before taking the stage on Monday’s episode of ABC‘s Dancing With the Stars, Kate Gosselin heard fans cheering for her, shouting “Go Kate! Hang in there!” The single mother of eight  who has been the topic of show gossip and tabloid fodder for the past few weeks says the support feels “amazing.” She adds, “I felt love from everyone in that room. There was love and concern and care and, and that’s why I dance — for my kids and the fans.”

Kate Gosselin is fully aware that she’s not the best dancer on this season of ABC‘s Dancing With the Stars, but she’s determined to give the competition her all. “I know that people naysay. I know that they are setting me up to fail, I know the stuff that’s out there, but I’m not going to quit,” she says. “I’m going to strive to do better. I have to walk away from every experience in my life knowing that I did my best and gave it my all, and this is no different.”

Her commitment to the competition has impressed her Dancing With the Stars partner, Tony Dovolani, despite a tense few weeks between the pair.  “I am so proud of her,” he said. “She’s so strong and I didn’t want her to have one weak moment this week. She can’t go in a corner and cry. She needs to get out there and say, ‘No!’ And that’s what she did.”

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