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Project Runway: Season Finale Part One

April 15, 2010 07:58 PM by Lisa Princ

Tonight is the first half of the season finale of Project Runway on Lifetime as the designers get busy on their collections for fashion week in Bryant Park. We’ll get to see Tim Gunn travel to the designer’s homes and have his say, as usual…well almost as usual, just in a different setting! And as usual some of the designers welcome his critique while others flat out ignore it. Then there is the answer to the burning question of the week, will it be Jay or Mila heading to fashion week? Keep reading for all the fashion filled details!

Project Runway on Lifetime kicks off tonight with Heidi Klum, who fills in Mila and Jay on their tie breaker challenge after Seth finishes up doing an extremely happy dance over his accomplishment of making it to fashion week. Jay and Mila will each create 10 looks for fashion week but will bring only 3 in front of the judging panel, whom will decide which one will be heading to Bryant Park to show their collections.

Tim Gunn gets a chance to travel all over the country on Project Runway on Lifetime as he stops in to check on the designer’s progress for fashion week. His first stop was Seth’s house in WA, where Seth even had Tim in his yard bouncing around on his trampoline with the kids, it was quite a sight! His advice to Seth was after viewing his collection was that he was not going to win, not because his collection is not perfect, quite the contrary actually. Tim advises Seth that his line is beautiful and completely Seth, but he needs to take it up a notch and be a little different so he stands out and “wows” the judges. Seth takes this heart and immediately starts pondering scrapping the entire collection and starting over.


Next up Tim heads to New York to visit with Emilio on Project Runway on Lifetime. After meeting his brothers, Emilio was shocked to hear Tim’s reaction to his collection, which was full of colors and bang. Tim also told he was not going to win and they would not notice all of the details on his garments and that they looked sort of old fashioned. Emilio as usual disregarded Tim’s advice at least from what we saw, guess we’ll have to see what he does with his collection for fashion week.

Tim did not have great critique for Jay or Mila either. He told Mila, whose collection was completely black and white that it looked to “matronly” which surprised Mila. He also told Jay he needed to up the ante if he was going to beat Mila. Once they arrived at the hotel, Mila and Jay tried to make peace and talk out some of their differences, but in the end they are competing against one another, so we all know they are secretly bashing one another. Tim then shocks Mila & Jay the next morning that they have 3 hours to get their models and designs ready, as they will be getting judged and that the third fashion week designer will be chosen today!

Finally it was runway time on Project Runway on Lifetime, and Mila and Jay came out with two completely different looks. Mila went with more of a black/white retro looking collection, while Jay went with a colorful, much more futuristic collection. Heidi Klum and the judges had pros and cons with both designers and they had a really hard time making this decision, in fact I am not quite convinced that they were all in agreement, but in the end it will be Mila who will be heading to fashion week at Bryant Park with Emilio and Seth!

Be sure to tune in next Thursday at 10 PM EST for the second half of the season finale of Project Runway on Lifetime. See you after the show!

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