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Survivor: Heroes Vs. Villains — Immunity Idol Trading

April 15, 2010 07:36 PM by Nancy Floyd


History is made on tonight’s episode of Survivor: Heroes Vs. Villains when an immunity idol is traded between teams. After Coach’s elimination, Russell’s power grows even stronger on the Villains tribe as he continues to convince the Heroes to take pity on him. The tribes also compete in an endurance challenge that requires excellent balance and strength and one tribe member tries to earn loyalty from an opponent in the event of a tribal merge…

Tonight’s episode of Survivor: Heroes Vs. Villains begins on night 21 with the Villains returning to camp after voting out Coach. Jerri’s shocked and devastated that Coach (her tightest alliance) is gone and is worried that she’s going to be next. Russell still believes Sandra’s lie about Coach’s alleged betrayal, but doesn’t trust her as a person and is hoping to eliminate her and Courtney next.

On Day 22, Tree Mail arrives for the Villains with details about the next reward challenge. The two tribes will be competing one-on-one in an endurance activity that requires them to stand between two narrow walls, balancing themselves on small footholds. The tribes must rank their five players from strongest to weakest to determine which member of the other tribe they’ll be competing against. The Villains think it might be wise to sit Russell out of this challenge and have all the ladies compete. After all, they’re lighter and have smaller feet.


At the Heroes camp, Rupert is convinced he’s the strongest player, but ultimately the tribe comes to the same conclusion that the women will do better and place them in the stronger positions. At the challenge, the Heroes tribe is shocked that Coach has been voted off, reaffirming their suspicions that the Villains camp is run by the women. A smug Russell is pleased that the other team is falling for his plan, particularly JT who seems genuinely concerned for Russell’s well-being and tells him to “hang in there.”

Balancing Act

It’s time for the Survivor rewards challenge to begin. The first tribe to win three points wins a meal from Outback Steakhouse. Nothing will motivate a few starving, vindictive competitors like the promise of all-you-can-eat steak and potatoes. The teams take their position on the first of three tiny footholds trying to keep their balance longer than their opponent. After ten minutes, all ten competitors are still in the game and it’s time to move to an even smaller foothold. After an additional ten minutes, everyone is still going strong and must move to a practically nonexistent foothold. All ten players must remain on the tiny foothold (less than 1/4 inch) for the rest of the competition in an effort to outlast their opponent.


Colby is the first one to drop out, giving his opponent, Jerri, the first point for the Villains tribe. Rupert struggles on his broken toe, sweating and slobbering until finally falling off the foothold giving his opponent, Sassy Sandra, the second point for the Villains. All the Villains need is one more point to secure victory. JT, Amanda, and Candice must all beat their competitors if the Heroes want to win. Amanda struggles for a few minutes before finally falling, giving Courtney (and the Villains) the victory. How hard could it really be for Courtney to hold herself up? She must weigh 75 pounds on a fat day.

During the Villains rewards meal, Parvati opens her napkin and finds a rolled-up clue which she quickly hides in her underwear. Realizing its a clue about the hidden immunity challenge, Parvati is thrilled that she happened to be the one to find it. Parvati uses a bathroom break as an excuse to sneak away and read the clue, bringing Danielle in on the secret, hoping to earn her trust and allegiance.

A Risky Plan

Back at the Heroes camp, JT tries to convince himself that he could care less about the steaks. He fails miserably considering he says the word “steak” no less than 84 times in under two minutes. JT is so convinced that a women’s alliance is running the Villains camp that he forms a plan to give Russell the immunity idol to protect him from being eliminated. Amanda thinks the plan is crazy and realizes that Russell might be playing them all, but enjoys the idea of JT getting rid of the idol altogether.

On Day 23, Danielle and Parvati sneak around the Villains camp in searching of the hidden immunity idol. They manage to find the idol in a matter of minutes, much to Parvati’s delight. In the hopes of seeing Russell squirm, Parvati is planning to keep the idol a secret to gain some power for herself. Meanwhile, at the Heroes camp, JT writes a letter to Russell to accompany the immunity idol. His hope is to give Russell the idol after the immunity challenge, assuming the Villains lose.  JT’s plan is for Russell to team up with the Heroes once the two tribes merge, giving them the majority to rule the rest of the competition. He ends the letter with, “This is your chance to show you’re not a villain.” Um yeah, have you met Russell!?! He’s perhaps the biggest villain of them all!

Immunity Puzzler

At the Survivor immunity challenge, the tribes must carry bags of puzzle pieces through a series of obstacles in the water to their specified platform. Once all the bags are retrieved, the teams must assemble the pieces into a totem pole. Since they have six players, Sandra will be sitting out for the Villains team. Jerri and Rupert are the first two competitors to go against one another carrying bags through the water. Rupert finishes first, giving the Heroes a slight lead over the Villains. The Heroes keep their lead throughout the challenge, but just before Russell’s turn, Colby has a one-on-one moment to tell him about JT’s plan. Russell plays the part of the victim perfectly, bowing his head and telling Colby how much he wishes he could shake his hand. Russell even insinuates that Parvati is the one running the show when Colby tells him that she should be the tribe member to go. Despite rain, thunder, and lightning, the competition continues. The Heroes are the first to retrieve all five bags and manage to complete their puzzle for the victory. Russell retrieves the immunity idol from JT after the challenge and then doesn’t stop gloating about it.

“I don’t even have to find idols. People are actually giving me idols. You don’t hand the enemy the idol. Especially when his name is Russell Hantz. You don’t do that. That’s a no-no,” he says. I have to agree with him on this one. What kind of moron is JT?!?


Back at the Heroes camp, JT is bragging about how he just made Survivor history by giving the idol to Russell and securing his loyalty. As the tribe speculates on how elated Russell must be, the Villains tribe is having the last laugh. Russell and Parvati read JT’s letter out loud and mock him mercilessly. Courtney and Sandra witness Russell and Parvati’s gabfest and ruminate on how they hate not being in control. They realize one of them will be eliminated in tonight’s tribal council and there’s nothing they can do to prevent it from happening.

Courtney or Sandra?

Russell wants Courtney to go, but Parvati is having second thoughts. She’s gotten close to Courtney and thinks Courtney will remain loyal to her once the two tribes merge. Because of Courtney’s allegiance to her, Parvati tries to convince Jerri, Russell, and Danielle to vote off Sandra instead.

At the tribal council, Coach returns as the first member of the jury. After a brief Q & A session with Jeff Probst, it seems obvious that everyone (including Sandra and Courtney) realize that one of the two ladies will be getting the boot. Sandra and Danielle get into a feud about trustworthiness, and Courtney calls Jerri out for switching alliances to save her own butt. After the tribe votes, the Villain leaving Survivor tonight is Courtney. Apparently, Parvati’s case to keep Courtney wasn’t quite strong enough.

Next week on an all-new episode of Survivor: Heroes Vs. Villains, the two tribes merge and all hell breaks loose when Russell swears on his kids’ lives that he’s loyal to the Heroes but Sandra tells Rupert the truth about what’s really been going on in the Villains camp.

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