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Kate Plus Eight: Kate Gosselin Isn’t Choosing Fame Over Her Kids

April 16, 2010 07:00 AM by Nancy Floyd


In the midst of a tense custody battle with ex-husband, Jon, Kate plus 8 star, Kate Gosselin fires back about claims that she’s putting her career over her kids. The single mother of eight who stars in Kate plus 8, ABC‘s Dancing With the Stars, and will appear in the new TLC show, Twist of Kate, says she’s working hard to provide for her kids like any single mother would. The reality TV star talks about juggling her many jobs and how she’s certain she won’t lose her kids…

Kate Gosselin certainly has her plate full. The mother of eight grew to fame while starring on the TLC reality show, Jon & Kate plus 8. Since splitting with ex-husband, Jon, the working mom has gone on to land two of her own shows, Kate plus 8 and the upcoming Twist of Kate, not to mention a competing spot on season 10 of ABC‘s Dancing With the Stars. Now her hectic schedule is being used against her in a custody battle with her ex.

Kate Gosselin wants the world to know that she’s not choosing fame or her career over her eight children. She’s simply doing what is necessary to provide for them. ”I’ve got to work harder now than ever because I am a single mom. In my heart I’m always in my kitchen, baking and cooking for my kids, and I’ll always be there. It’s a struggle to be here [in New York], to be anywhere. The emotion that you see is because I would rather be at home with them,” she says.

Unfortunately, despite her desire to spend all of her time with her children, it’s not a realistic possibility for the single working mom. ”I have to work. I have to provide for them. And it’s a struggle that every working mom, especially single moms, go through, and I’m really feeling it now, and it’s really hard. If I had 24 hours a day seven days a week with eight kids, it wouldn’t be enough time in my book,” she says. “So, to minus out the working days is really hard. But I make the most of every minute I have with them … When I’m home, we make those little spots of time really big in our memories.”

Despite her busy workload, the Kate plus 8 star isn’t worried that her ex-husband, Jon, will win the custody battle. “I’m not afraid I’ll lose my kids,” Kate says.  ”I won’t lose my kids. We’re glued together, as a package, and nothing, nothing, will stop me from being with my kids.”

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