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Dancing With The Stars: Pamela Anderson Discusses Kate Gosselin and Damian Whitewood

April 17, 2010 01:00 PM by Nancy Floyd


Pamela Anderson, currently a competitor on ABC‘s Dancing With the Stars, opened up to Larry King this week about her competitor, Kate Gosselin and her dance pro partner, Damian Whitewood. The Baywatch babe got honest about whether or not Kate is really a diva, if there’s a romance going on with her partner, Damian Whitewood, and who she thinks might win the competition. Keep reading for Pamela Anderson’s honest interview…

Pamela Anderson is surprising the judges and viewers of ABC‘s Dancing With the Stars week after week with her high-energy and sexy performances. While she’s sizzling on camera, she’s avoided drama off-camera. The rumors focus on fellow competitor, Kate Gosselin, who has been labeled as a diva on the set. When Larry King asked whether the rumors about Gosselin were true, Anderson said, “I see her — you know, when we’re getting our hair and makeup done, we talk about kids. But she has really been — she’s just nice. She’s been sweet. Everybody has been.”

As for her other competitors on ABC‘s Dancing With the Stars, Pamela Anderson has a few favorites. “I love Evan. I’ve known Evan…. we have mutual friends. And he’s fantastic. And everyone is so sweet. You really…become like a little family,” she says. Although they’ve become a close-knit group, that doesn’t mean they’ve forgotten they’re in competition with one another. “Well, you kind of compete against yourself, I guess, but everybody else is so good,” Anderson says. “Evan’s good, Nicole’s good.”

Pamela Anderson has certainly been excelling herself in the competition, much to her surprise. “I can’t believe that we’re doing as well. …I’m not used to all the good compliments. It actually makes me more nervous and more shy when they say good things,” she says. She’s particularly grateful to her partner, Damian Whitewood, although she denies their relationship is anything but professional. “I’m glad I’m not really in a relationship right now. I think it would be harder to do the show. I think it would be difficult. But Damian is my entire focus. That’s it. …It’s nice to go dance all day together and then go home — I go home to my kids. He goes home to his girlfriend. And we get to have this really fun, healthy friendship. It’s a very romantic, sexy relationship. But that’s it,” she says.

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