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American Idol: Ryan Seacrest Defends His Strange Behavior

April 18, 2010 07:00 AM by Nancy Floyd


Ryan Seacrest seemed to be having a tad too much fun on Tuesday’s episode of American Idol. So much so that his unusual behavior (dancing with an audience member, playing air guitar, making sexual jokes to Adam Lambert) has been the topic of entertainment magazines and tabloids for days. The Idol host defends his wacky antics saying he was simply being playful…

On Tuesday’s episode of American Idol, host Ryan Seacrest seemed to be out of his mind. He did a waltz with a large man from the audience, shredded on air guitar, and made a sexual quip to guest performer, Adam Lambert, but Seacrest says he was simply doing his job. ”Often, I will playfully do things to amp up the energy for the live show, because it’s at the end of my long day,” Seacrest says. ”I was enjoying it. We’ve done this show for nine years. When they take me out into the audience, sometimes the energy out there takes me to a different place.”

That energy took him to the place of dancing in the aisles with a bulky guy in the audience during Tim Urban‘s performance. “That guy looked like the most inappropriate person to dance with, so I figured, ‘Let’s pick him up and just dance with him for a second,’” Ryan Seacrest says. Urban, on the other hand, was distracted and confused by what was going on in the audience.  ”I didn’t really know what they were doing…people were laughing, so I just had to zone out and keep thinking about my song,” Urban says.

The American Idol host says the majority of his dialogue on the FOX singing competition is unscripted, including the inappropriate comment he made to performer Adam Lambert (Seacrest said, “My tongue isn’t nearly as talented as yours”) and the joke he made about his former American Idol co-host, Brian Dunkelman, returning to host Idol Gives Back.

“I was also setting up the fact that we’re going to do a 10-year anniversary and look back on all of the different things that have been a part of this show… including my see-through shirts, my frosted tips, Simon with the bad hair and his pants jacked up,” Seacrest says, “so the 10th-anniversary season is gonna be fun.”

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