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Celebrity Apprentice: Country Music Makeovers With Trace Adkins

April 18, 2010 08:57 PM by Lisa Princ


Donald Trump and Celebrity Apprentice on NBC are joined by country music sensation and former contestant Trace Adkins this week. In this task Tenacity and Rocksolid have to makeover two country music stars to help them break into the industry a little more. With Sharon back, will Tenacity have an advantage or will drama between Cyndi and Maria knock the girls back down tonight? Keep reading for all the details!

Country music star, and former contestant on Celebrity Apprentice on NBC, Trace Adkins joined Donald Trump and Donald Jr this week to help the teams “makeover” two country music stars. By makeover, they meant: do a photoshoot, a press release, an interview and prep them for a show to try and get these stars names out there a little more. So who were the stars you may ask? None other than Luke Bryan and Emily West. Being a country music fan myself, I was quite surprised to see Luke Bryan getting a makeover since he seems to be doing so well. I had never heard of Emily West before, but what a beautiful voice this young lady has, she is definitely going to make it big!

So first order of business for the teams tonight on Celebrity Apprentice on NBC: choose a project manager. Sharon and Cyndi were both the obvious choices for Tenacity, however Sharon was not back at the time of choosing (she would be back later that day), so it was hands down Cyndi. For Rocksolid, while the obvious choice here would have been Brett, the guys decided to give Goldberg a shot to win some money for his charity. Goldberg would utilize Brett’s knack for this anyway, but would it backfire in his face?

Tenacity was thrilled to take on Emily West, and Cyndi had complete control. Well, at least until Maria tried to share her thoughts and Cyndi was having no part of that. Wonder if Cyndi ever thought she may not be the only one with a little know how? Cyndi and Summer went shopping for Emily’s new wardrobe, which would be a cross between leather and lace while Holly and Maria stayed behind to tackle hair and makeup with Cyndi’s instructions left for them. When they returned, Sharon had also returned and Cyndi was fuming at the way Emily’s makeup and hair were done and was even more ticked at Maria for letting it happen. Cyndi did not want anyone’s advice aside from Sharon, and when Maria tried to step in yet again, Cyndi sent her away. Maria was not feeling very good at this point about her former childhood idol.


Rocksolid seemed to have less drama between them as usual, but things did not seem to go as smooth for them in the country music makeover task. Luke Bryan was a tougher cookie to make over as he was used to his one look, and the guys of course wanted to change it up a bit. Brett did most of the work with Luke as Curtis and Goldberg went to scour Curtis’s closet for some new clothes for Luke. Yes ladies, lucky for us both Curtis and Luke wear the same size so we got to see both of these hunks shirtless. Brett was starting to get frazzled however, as Goldberg and Curtis seemed to hit traffic jam after traffic jam trying to get back with clothing for Luke’s photo shoot. Eventually they managed to make it back with about 20 minutes to spare and they quickly changed Luke for some new shots on Celebrity Apprentice on NBC.

We also got to see both of these young country music artists perform tonight as well on Celebrity Apprentice on NBC. Luke Bryan’s performance rocked with the entire room dancing away, and it only took all of the guys, including Trace Adkins to get Luke to lighten up and wear a chain around his neck! Emily West sang beautifully and the entire room, including big ole Trace in tears listening to her heartfelt song. Meanwhile, the country music gurus were also watching and judging the efforts of both teams.

Next Trace Adkins and the teams headed back to the boardroom on Celebrity Apprentice on NBC where someone would be getting fired…maybe Donald Trump would let Trace do the firing this time around? Or maybe not. Donald Trump went on & on with the girls about the drama and we all sat and watched Cyndi and Maria go back and forth….at this point I was thinking that the girls must have lost this week, but Trace Adkins gave the teams the verdict and it was actually the men who lost!

Since there were only three left, there was no one to bring back to the boardroom on Celebrity Apprentice on NBC and Donald Trump made it clear that this was between Brett and Goldberg for losing the country music star makeover task, as Curtis breathed a sigh of relief. Goldberg pleaded his case but would not admit that he should be fired, yet when asked, Brett said that he would fire himself. But alas it was not up to either of them, it was up to Donald Trump and he fired Goldberg, claiming he should not have taken on project manager of this challenge. Trace Adkins disagreed stating he would have fired Brett, but Donald Jr agreed with his dad about Goldberg.

Be sure to tune in next week at 9 pm EST for a brand new episode of Celebrity Apprentice on NBC. See you after the show!

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