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Dancing With The Stars 04/19/10: Hollywood Movie Night

April 19, 2010 07:35 PM by Paulene Hinds


Tonight it was movie night on Dancing With the Stars as the couples danced to songs from the big screen. Who was the best ballroom starlette and who took the award for the best leading man? Read on to see what movie your favorite couple represented this evening.


The first couple up with a Jive tonight on Dancing With the Stars was Niecy and her partner Louis. Last week Niecy was called boring, so this week she was going to show the judges that she was ready to dance the Jive to La Bamba. Although she messed up a few times, her routine was anything but boring. She gave Len a big smacker on the forehead at the end too! Len said that Niecy brought her personality into the dance tonight, but she needed to work on the bounce in her feet not in her bazookas! Bruno said that her upper deck was strong, but the dance lacked the necessary sharpness for this stage in the competition and Carrie Ann agreed. Niecy joked that all big girls should vote for her as she is tired and she is hungry. They received a score of 18.

Next up with a Quickstep of The Bear Necessities from the movie The Jungle Book were Chad and Cheryl. They had a lot of fun in the routine tonight and Chad was actually light on his feet. Bruno thought that the dance was a little bit too wild and Carrie Ann said that the dance was uneven and it lacked body contact. Len thought that the routine was bright and lively and Chad’s posture has improved. Overall Len thought it was pretty well done. Their score was 18. They were tied with Niecy and Louis.


There were more Hollywood hits tonight on Dancing With the Stars as Erin and Maks came out to dance a Pulp Fiction Jive. Erin felt that last week she took a step back with her routine, so this week she was going to listen to Maks. She argued with him more than listen to him. It was a bunch of nattering and I almost muted the television. I thought that the couple would be knocked down for their boring start, but their kicks were high flying in the middle of the dance and the judges should have liked that. Carrie Ann said she liked it but it seemed a little fast. Len thought that the beginning was boring, but when they kicked off it was great…a little hectic, but good. Bruno said that Erin got the magic just right. There was a lot of kissing between Erin and Maks as host Tom Bergeron told the viewers what was to come on tonight’s show. Hmmm, is there something going on between them? The judges gave them a score of 22. Host Brooke Burke asked if there was romance between the two and Erin said not until she gets a diamond ring like Chad bought Cheryl Burke.

The Bachelor‘s Jake, stumbled while on the dance floor last week and this week he was dancing a Cha Cha from the movie Risky Business. His partner Chelsie was happy that Jake was getting into the fun and when he hit the floor in his underwear the crowd went crazy. Some of their steps seemed awkward but they sure had a great time. Len said that he came out 100% and he loved the feeling of the dance. Bruno threw Jake some money, or was it his phone number? He said their dance was cheeky fun, but his little stumble was very noticeable and Carrie Ann said she loved the whole thing about their dance tonight! They received 23 for their swanky dance.

Next Pamela channeled her inner Dolly Parton as she danced a Quickstep to 9 to 5 with her partner Damian. She really did pull it off although she was a little bit stiff in parts. Bruno said that Pamela has good characterization and is doing a great job and Carrie Ann agreed. Len thought that Pamela got the movie mixed up and couldn’t stand all of the props and messing around. They received 21 for their dance.


The most talked about mom returned to dance again this week! Kate was dancing a Fox Trot to Don’t Forget About Me from The Breakfast Club. Once again Kate had no motivation…please, please please vote her off this week people! Poor Tony, he just keeps smiling week after week. Aside from her smile and the pretty dress she still has nothing going for her. Carrie Ann gathered her thoughts and sqeaked out that she sees a little bit of grace developing and that Kate dances like the teacher speaks on Charlie Brown. Len said the dance was a stroll, not a dance and Bruno told her that Tony could have more life if he danced with a coat hanger! Bahahahahaha…say it like it is judges. Can the judges give her a zero? They received 15 as their score tonight.

Movie night continued on Dancing With the Stars with more Hollywood glamour as Nicole and Derek danced a Tango to Pretty Woman. Wow…their rotuine was awesome! They received a standing ovation for it too! Len said that this was Nicole’s best dance and the best dance of the season. Bruno said that Nicole and Derek were right on top of their game calling it perfection and Carrie Ann said that the lines and dynamics were incredible. I smell a perfect score from the judges…they received 29 out of 30? Boo Len who gave them 9?


Last but not least, Evan and Anna were dancing a Rumba to I Don’t Want To Miss A Thing. Evan thought that his hip action would give him a challenge as he is accustomed to keeping his hips tight as he skates. His hip movement was a little bit short, but he is oh so sexy, it didn’t matter to me. Bruno told Even that his top lines and spins were perfect, but his hips did stop short a bit. Carrie Ann said that she thought there was something beautiful going on with Evan tonight and Len thought that it had artistry, musicality and his hip action was going on. They received 27.

Get voting America if you want to see your favorite couple back again to dance another week! Tomorrow night on Dancing With the Stars, world famous choreographer and dancer Debbie Allen will make a special appearance. The show starts at 8 PM ET, only on ABC!

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