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Survivor: Heroes Vs. Villains — Courtney Yates “Bummed” To Be Voted Off, Proud To Be On Russell’s Team

April 19, 2010 01:00 PM by Nancy Floyd


Courtney Yates was the latest casualty on Survivor: Heroes Vs. Villains, voted off on Thursday’s episode after Parvati couldn’t convince Russell and company to keep her around for another week. The 29-year old discusses her elimination, her alliance with Sandra, and what she really thinks of Russell Hantz…

Courtney Yates was bummed to be voted off Survivor: Heroes Vs. Villains, but she definitely saw it coming. Going into the tribal council on Thursday’s episode, it was clear that either she or her strongest alliance, Sassy Sandra, would be voted off. Courtney’s only hope was that Parvati would be able to convince her teammates (namely Russell and Danielle) to vote off Sandra instead. The plan didn’t work and Courtney was the one sent packing. “I think that Russell and Danielle were in a hot panic that I knew too many people on other side and they knew that I didn’t like them. You can’t be mad at them! And they were right! I didn’t like them!” Courtney says, adding, “I explained to Parv that it was better for her personally for me to stay because I would be loyal to her and not to her alliance. She’s a power player and she’s not really being presented as such, I feel, but she really was. I wanted her to break away from Russell and start something else. So I’m not surprised it didn’t work because they knew I got along with her and not them.”

Despite her loyalty to Sandra, her only remaining ally in Survivor: Heroes Vs. Villains, Courtney was surprised the tribe allowed her to stay. “I was really surprised that they decided to pick Sandra over me [to stay] because I am much more easygoing and loyal player, and Sandra’s a lot more aggressive in her own way. I was stunned that they were underestimating her so much,” Courtney says. “I am a puppy dog compared to this woman. She’s like wolverine, she’s ridiculous.”

Before arriving at Survivor: Heroes Vs. Villains, Courtney knew she wanted to try to form an alliance with Sandra. “I knew going in that if she was there, I wanted to play with her. She was like my idol going in. I’m really impressed by how she handled herself. She’s funny and honest and if that woman is on your side, she’s on your side. If she’s not on your side, you better watch your back!” Courtney says.

Clearly their alliance didn’t pay off, due largely in part to Russell’s growing power in the Villains tribe. Despite the fact that Courtney wasn’t one of Russell’s girl, she’s got nothing but love for her tribe mate. “Russell and I got along perfectly fine. We didn’t talk that much because he just was not social with a lot of people. He clung to Parvati and Danielle was also attached to him and then he aggressively wooed Jerri. Besides that, if he didn’t need to talk to you, he didn’t talk to you and that’s fine. Its not that I didn’t get along with him, its just that I feel like he found out pretty early that I wasn’t going to be useful to him in any way. There was never any bad blood. I love Russell,” Courtney says. She adds that after watching Thursday’s episode when he received an immunity idol from the Heroes tribe, “I was proud of him. I was like, ‘You go, Russell Hantz! I’m proud to be on your team!’”

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