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American Idol 9 April 20 2010 – Top Seven and Alicia Keys!

April 20, 2010 06:02 PM by Candace Young


Ryan Seacrest opens tonight’s episode of American Idol on FOX by reminding viewers that Idol Gives Back will happen tomorrow night in Pasadena California. He introduces judges Randy Jackson, Ellen Degeneres, Kara DioGuardi, and Simon Cowell, as well as the top seven competitors. The mentor for tonight is Alicia Keys who guides the hopefuls in performing songs of inspiration.

Casey James is first up. He is doing a Fleetwood Mac tune, and Alicia advises him to inject a lot of personality. Casey hits the stage looking polished and smiling. He performs Yesterday’s Gone with his electric guitar and a trio of back up singers.  Randy thinks it was good, but not great, adding he still needs to step out of his comfort zone. Ellen agrees, saying he’s consistently good, but it has to be great at this point. Kara tells Casey it was like jam band. Simon feels the song wasn’t particularly inspiring, and he thought it was a lazy song choice.


Lee Dewyze is ready to take a shot at inspiring the Idol audience with Simon and Garfunkel’s The Boxer. Alicia told him not to lose sight of what the song is about. Lee performs live with his guitar and accompanied by a piano player and violin section. He delivers a poignant, yet contemporary version of the tune. It sounds good! Randy says it’s about artists this year, and he’s ready. Ellen calls it a beautiful song choice and compliments his depth. Kara thinks it was his ‘moment’. Simon says it was sincere and emotional – he thought it was brilliant!

Tim Urban is singing Better Days by the Goo Goo Dolls, and Alicia Keys really liked it for him.  With a bit of tweaking from his mentor, Tim takes the stage and belts out his song with the full back up as well. He does a good job, but hits a couple of sour notes along the way. Randy thinks it was just okay.  Ellen tells him she’s sorry, but she didn’t like it today. Kara says he’s still got something, but it wasn’t great. Simon tells him he has improved over the weeks, but this was a little bit of a letdown.


Aaron Kelly gets some advice from Alicia on his big song choice,  I Believe I Can Fly. Aaron feels he can’t let the song intimidate him and it he comes across extremely confident performing it live – he nails it! Randy tells him he did a great job! Ellen also thought it was really good! Kara says he started flying once he hit his stride! Simon says he would have shut it off if it was on the radio, but Aaron made it good!

Siobhan Magnus is taking on When You Believe. Alicia is very impressed with her voice, and shows her where to hold the notes. Siobhan takes the stage live in a beautiful dress and showcases her stunning vocals! Randy thinks she picked the toughest song of the night and it was just okay. Ellen strongly disagrees, it’s confirmation of why she’s here.  Kara and Simon both agree with Randy, with Kara saying she still doesn’t know who Siobhan is as an artist, and Simon adding that it was an old-fashioned arrangement.


Michael Lynche is singing Hero, and Alicia guides him through the process of making the most of the tune. He takes the stage with an acoustic guitar and full back up, which seems to overpower his vocals at times. The arrangement is modern and works.  Randy tells him he was worried, but it worked out. Ellen thought he did a good job. Kara didn’t like it, the song was unrecognizable. Simon muses that it didn’t quite gel for him.

Crystal Bowersox will perform tonight without her guitar for the first time! Alicia coaches her but feels that people will love her performance. Crystal  has her hair up and is wearing a long black gown. She belts out the tune, You Don’t Need a Ticket, and puts a lot of soul into it, in fact, she burst into tears at the end! Randy tells her it was fantastic. Ellen says she has never looked more beautiful. Kara says she just schooled all those contestants on how to do it. Simon tells her it was inspirational, and is pleased to see her emotions. He deems it to be in a different class to everything else they’ve seen tonight.  Crystal tells Ryan she cried because she saw her dad in the audience.

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