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American Idol Interview: Andrew Garcia

April 20, 2010 06:16 AM by Christine McDow


Andrew Garcia spoke with us after his elimination for American Idol last week.  Has he proposed to his girlfriend?  Is Lee Dewyze a threat to that relationship?  Read below to find out!  Do you think Andrew Garcia was kicked off American Idol too soon?  Let us know!

Question: I’ve got to say it’s a total bummer talking to you right now, but I’m going to ask about what’s actually turned into the most popular YouTube video from the entire show right now. Your Straight Up performance got over three million hits across the board. When you were performing this were you ever thinking it was going to take off like that?

Andrew Garcia: No. I was looking through a list. I saw Straight Up/Paula Abdul and I was like, “You know what? She’s not on the show no more, so I could do my little twist on it and see what happens.” It really took off. It went crazy.

Question: I really enjoyed watching the bromance with Lee Dewyze blossom on American Idol. You guys look like you’re really good friends. I’m just wondering what were maybe some weird, common interests that you found that you both had and do you guys have a song?

Andrew Garcia: Well, we just jam a lot. We don’t really have a song. We’re hoping to write on tour. But our common interests are we find ourselves doing the same thing like at the same time. It’s just really weird. It was like, “What the heck?” We’d look at each other and we’re like, “Dude, we’re meant to be.”

Question: What did you think when you saw Ryan Seacrest waltzing to Tim’s song?

Andrew Garcia: I was like, “Ryan has lost his mind,” but I love the guy. He works a lot, so he has a right to get a little coffee in him now and then.

Question: So what do you see happening for you in the future?

Andrew Garcia: I see me making an album, getting ready for the tour and promoting the best I can, and just having fun.


Question: How has the show has changed your life or your approach to life anyway? I mean did you always know you were going to go strongly into music or does this just make you realize that there’s a place for you in music?

Andrew Garcia: I always felt the need for me doing music and just having fun with it and just pursuing it. Idol has changed my views just because it showed me so much more to music and just like how amazing the industry is from the inside point of view. I’m so glad … opportunity to work with amazing people and have such an amazing experience on American Idol.

Question: Are you writing songs too now?

Andrew Garcia: Yes, I am. I am already starting to try to write some songs.

Question: At the top 12 party you and I made a little bet that if you made it to the finale and you won you were going to propose to your lady? I guess that’s out now, right?

Andrew Garcia: Yes, but I’m still going to propose to her. I don’t know when.

Question: You haven’t decided when yet?

Andrew Garcia: Not yet, but I am for sure going to marry her.

Question: You were not able to live down that Straight Up performance and the judges kept reminding you of it and they acted almost like it was your thing to take songs and make them super original and different. Is that your thing? Is that what you are able to do? Is that what you want to do going forward as an artist?

Andrew Garcia: Going forward as an artist I have my own music. I love doing whatever I can to do my originals. I do take songs and put my own twist on it just like I did. I did Straight Up and then I did the Forever/Chris Brown. I take pop music, pop/R&B, pop/pop and just make it acoustic and put my twist on it. I love doing it.

Question: Who are your musical influences?

Andrew Garcia: I have a lot. It’s from rock to R&B to hip-hop to everything.

Question: Before all of this started what were you doing at that point? What was your day job and kind of what was your life like before you got on Idol?

Andrew Garcia: My life before I got on Idol was just taking care of my son. I was a stay-at-home dad; and on the weekends go play shows. That was my income; going out and playing shows for like $400 a gig.

Question: Solo $400 or a band that made $400?

Andrew Garcia: It was just me going out acoustic; $400 just me being acoustic.

Question: What’s the best piece of advice that Adam Lambert gave you that you’ll be taking with you.

Andrew Garcia: The best advice Adam Lambert gave me was he said to let go and just have fun and put my twist on it. I was just like I know where he’s coming from because he puts his twist on everything he does and he’s amazing at it, so that kind of inspired me.

Question: Which of your post-Hollywood performances turned out the most like you planned?

Andrew Garcia: I would have to say Chasing Pavements by Adele and Chris Brown.

Question: Why? Can you talk about that?

Andrew Garcia: Just because it was me in the acoustic and I love when I get to do my thing with acoustic. I love just taking pop songs or even R&B songs and just putting my twist on it.

Question: How did you feel about the fact that Simon kept on complaining that you were boring and then Adam Lambert said you were boring and all of your fellow Idol contestants were like, “Andrew isn’t boring. He’s a great guy. He’s funny.” Why do you think that never actually seemed to come across on stage enough?

Andrew Garcia: Well, on stage I was focused more on just performing, like they’re talking about personality. They don’t really hang out with me, so they can’t really talk about someone’s personality if they’re not trying to hang out with me. If they hung out with me they’d love me. Guaranteed.

Question: I think maybe they were hoping that you would inject some of that personality into your performances maybe. I don’t know.

Andrew Garcia: I actually did and they still bashed me, but you know what? You can’t always win everybody over, so I’m thankful for all of the fans and supporters that I have and my fellow contestants.

Question: Did you and Lee get to say good-bye last night? Did you guys have a moment?

Andrew Garcia: Yes. That’s my buddy right there. That’s my brother for life.

Question: Was it kind of bittersweet being eliminated? I mean you know there’s only going to be one person that isn’t going to get eliminated, but you made the top ten, so was it kind of an odd sort of moment for you?

Andrew Garcia: No. I mean I didn’t expect to go far and to get as far as I did was just amazing. I didn’t know how far I was going to get, so beyond like the top nine is just incredible. I mean I’m so blessed and thankful that I even got that far.

Question: Your folks really seemed to be really tight and they seem to be great people. Were they really emotional about you being eliminated last night or have you talked to them much yet?

Andrew Garcia: They saw me and they saw that I wasn’t sad or bitter or anything about it. I was happy and I was thankful for all of the opportunities that I had. They felt that all for me and that’s why it didn’t really affect them. They were just happy with me.

Question: With your performance of Chris Brown’s Forever you had been bashed like again and again and again before that. Were you kind of expecting more of the same or were you expecting that this would be the turnaround, that the judges would finally give you some praise after weeks of getting on your case?

Andrew Garcia: I kind of knew that it was going to be a good night just because I’m a guy that does current music and puts my acoustic twist on it. I saw that song and I was like, “Man, I’ve got to do something with that song. It’s current and it’s my field too.” I’m a kind of R&B/pop kind of guy, so I put my twist on it and I kind of felt it 100%. I was just like, “You know what?” At that point I know the fans and supporters and people are going to love it. Then I went out there, confident and it showed and they loved it.

Question: Last night when you sang after your elimination, were you kind of happy that you didn’t have the pressure of the judges possibly saving you or did you wish that that was still in play after Michael Lynche got saved the week before?

Andrew Garcia: At that point I was just happy where I was at and how far I had gotten. The save, they couldn’t have done a better save. Michael Lynche, that guy is a warrior and I love that guy.

Question: What was going through your mind when you got into the top 24, knowing that you had gotten all of that screen time. Do you feel like you had maybe let some of that huge, early fan base down, who had kind of pegged you to go really far or maybe win the competition?

Andrew Garcia: I felt super excited coming into the top 24. I don’t feel like I let my fans down at all. My fans are just so amazing and they get me and that’s all that matters. I know I didn’t let them down and they know that I didn’t let them down.

Question: As we’ve already pointed out, your bromance with Lee runs very deep. How do you think he will fair without you there as a roommate? Will you go to the show to cheer him on?

Andrew Garcia: I don’t know how he’ll fair because usually we’re like each other’s family. We comfort each other when we’re having a rough time. He always knows I’m out here. He could call me. I will for sure go to the shows and cheer him on. That’s my brother for life.

Question: Do you think it’s easier or harder being judged by this season’s panel?

Andrew Garcia: I felt like it was harder just because they were being really hard this year. I don’t know why, but they were being really hard on the judging.

Question: Do you wish that Paula was there this season?

Andrew Garcia: I do, because I would wonder what she would think about my song.

Question: What was your process for picking a song every week? Did you go for things that you knew? Were you trying to do new songs that weren’t as familiar to you?

Andrew Garcia: In the beginning I did songs that I knew and I had fun with it. Then as the process started getting more difficult I focused on songs that … I could switch them up. It was hard, but I mean I had fun doing it and that’s all that really matters because if you don’t have fun doing it you’re just going to regret a lot of things and that’s not cool.

Question: Do you wish that the judges had, for one week even, kind of told you guys exactly what to sing so you knew exactly what they did expect from you?

Andrew Garcia: I still think that even if we did want that they’ll still be harder on us just because that means they’ll be expecting more because they chose them and they think that it will fit you, but really, it’s just going to be the same.

Question: Do you have any closing remarks?

Andrew Garcia: This has been the most amazing, amazing experience that I have ever experienced with …. I’m thankful for every fan, every person who voted for me and the ones that even just talked to me to see how I felt about it.

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  1. Oso4 Says:
    April 21st, 2010 at 7:39 pm

    AnDrEw was cool… “America” needs to clean watever crud thats in their ears and make sure that they made a mistake not voting for Andrew. If Tim or Crystal get voted off im gonna go all types of me on American Idol. Honestly, I think Casey or Siobhan should get voted off. Tim doesnt have the best voice but Casey scares me….:)


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