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Dancing With The Stars 04/20/10: Did Kate Gosselin Hang Up Her Dancing Shoes Or Did Her Crazy Fans Save Her Again?

April 20, 2010 07:13 PM by Paulene Hinds


Last night’s Dancing With the Stars movie night was full of glitz and glam and some stars were blockbuster heroes while others were box office flops. So far, this season has left everyone guessing and me in agony each week as Kate Gosselin is saved. You do not want to miss what happened tonight! Keep reading to see who went home.


Last night the dancers gave some of the most entertaining and ambitious routines plus the highest scores this season. The show did not waste any time tonight and right off we found out that Nicole and Derek were safe, while Kate and Tony were in the bottom two. Finally, would they be given the boot? Len Goodman gave his critique of last night’s dances and he said that his favorite was the Tango from Nicole and Derek while he obviously hated Kate and Tony’s dance which he called a stroll. The judges chose Jake and Chelsie’s routine as the one to see again. Apparently Bruno wanted to see Jake in his tighty whities.


The first special guest tonight on Dancing With the Stars was Maxwell, singing his third number one hit, Fist Full Of Tears from his platinum selling album, Black Summer’s Night.


Back to the results as Chad and Cheryl and Niecy and Louis were called out. Chad and Cheryl Burke were still in jeopardy while Niecy and Louis were safe. Niecy was doing a happy dance which prompted host Tom Bergeron to tell her to cheer up!

Adam Corolla was back giving his views of last night’s performances. I really do not care about his comedy, so you won’t see any of his not so funny quips here tonight…sorry!

The Macy’s Stars of Dance performance tonight on Dancing With the Stars was a walk across Broadway tribute to iconic dances from films… the beautiful Debbie Allen from Fame was a special guest in the routine.

The next guest was Costa Rica’s Debbie Nova singing her new hit Drummer Boy. She is difficult to understand when she sings, but she should go far as she has body and beauty going for her.

Next week, the stars will be designing their own costume as well as that of their star partners. Oh my, the costumes should be crazy and fantastical next week! I know Nicole will have Derek Hough looking buff for sure!


The next four couples were brought forward to hear their fate on Dancing With the Stars…Evan and Anna and Erin and Max were safe while The Bachelor‘s Jake and Chelsie and Pamela and Damian were still in jeopardy.


After the commercial break, the four remaining couples left under the red lights were each given their fate couple by couple. Jake and Chelsie and Chad and Cheryl were safe. Kate and Tony were in the bottom two along with Pamela and Damian. After the viewers votes were adding up Kate and Tony were FINALLY GOING HOME! My latest prayer was answered. Tony went on and on about Kate being criticized and that she has done her very best especially with having eight kids to care for as well as practicing for this show week after week. Yes, Kate you are a good mother and under a lot of stress, but honey I am sorry…you are a terrible dancer and should have been gone weeks ago! Bye Bye!

Next week on Dancing With the Stars, the stars design the costumes. The show starts at 8 PM ET, only on ABC!

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