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Dancing With The Stars: Julianne Hough Discusses ‘Footloose’

April 21, 2010 07:00 AM by Nancy Floyd


Julianne Hough, former star of ABC‘s Dancing With the Stars, is about to embark on a new dance-related project: the remake of 80′s classic Footloose. The movie was set to star Gossip Girl‘s Chace Crawford and Hough as the film’s leads, but Crawford recently dropped out of the project due to a scheduling conflict. Julianne Hough discusses her feelings on Crawford’s departure, whether or not she’ll continue with the film, and what she misses about Dancing With the Stars

Last summer, Julianne Hough confirmed that she had accepted a role starring opposite Chace Crawford in the Footloose remake. With Crawford recently announcing his departure from the project due to scheduling conflicts, the former Dancing With the Stars‘ champ is saddened and unsure what to do next. “It sucks,” Hough says of Crawford’s departure. What would suck more is if Hough herself has to bail on the project because of scheduling as well. ”His schedule couldn’t work because of Gossip Girl and mine almost didn’t work because of [Dancing With the Stars],” Julianne says, “so we’re still actually working on mine to see if I can do it.”

The dance pro quit ABC‘s Dancing With the Stars last year to focus on her singing and acting careers, but Julianne Hough admits she misses certain aspects of the dance competition. “I miss the camaraderie and dancing, but I’m busy doing my music. I’m touring with Sugarland this year. I have a single out in June,” she says

Her brother, Derek Hough, is still competing on the show, partnered with Nicole Scherzinger so Julianne Hough is still watching this season. Plus, she’s had the opportunity to get to know some of this season’s competitors. After the show’s premiere, Hough dined with contestant, Kate Gosselin. ”I don’t want to feel bad for her because she is a girl that is putting herself out there and good for her, but I have to say: I would be completely guarded and standoffish a bit,” she says in the reality mom’s defense. “Because you think everyone is out to get you. Once you break that, she is really great,”

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