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Ghost Hunters: Haunted Mob Spot

April 21, 2010 08:09 PM by Ryan Haidet


By far the best episode this season, the TAPS team on Ghost Hunters searched for spirits at The Orleans Inn in Massachusetts.  The inn was built in 1875 and eventually became a popular spot for the Irish Mob.  Throughout the years, two employees killed themselves there with several others reportedly going mad after staying in room 5.  When the investigation was complete, the ghastly ghost hunters had some compelling evidence.

Lights Out

After a quick tour of the Inn, the TAPS team shut the lights out and started their investigation in room 5.  When they were talking to each other, the pair suddenly heard a loud screaming sound.  After hearing the noise, they started asking the spirits questions, but got no answers.

The coolest part of the entire episode happened in (of all places) a bathroom.  Amy and Kris placed a flashlight on the toilet, which they used as a way to communicate with any spirits in the room.  They were asking some yes and no questions in which they were hoping to get the spirit to respond by turning the light on and off.  As they asked all sorts of questions, the flashlight turned on and off several times.  Creepy.  Moments later they heard footsteps above them, so they asked if there was somebody upstairs with them.  The flashlight turned on.  The quickly climbed the stairs, but nobody was there.

After a lot of other interesting experiences, the TAPS team wrapped up their investigation and analyzed all of the evidence.  They revealed a lot of the stuff we already saw involving the flashlight session with Amy and Kris.  The best piece of evidence came from a portion of Steve and Tango’s investigation.  A voice was captured on a recorder saying “Let me out” or “Get me down” in the room where one of the employees had hung himself.

Image courtesy of SyFy.

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