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American Idol: Crystal Bowersox Says There’s ‘No Beef’ With Ryan Seacrest

April 22, 2010 11:00 AM by Nancy Floyd


A week after Ryan Seacrest reportedly convinced Crystal Bowersox not to quit American Idol, the singer is speaking out about their relationship and alleged feud. Did she really almost quit the show? Was Seacrest the one to persuade her to stay? Is there tension between the host and singer? Does she feel betrayed by Seacrest? Keep reading for the answers to these questions and more…

After an emotional performance on Tuesday night’s episode of American Idol, Crystal Bowersox had a sweet moment with Ryan Seacrest when the host offered her his handkerchief. This small gesture was apparently enough to quell rumors of an ongoing feud between them, a conflict Bowersox says doesn’t exist. According to Crystal Bowersox, there is “no beef with me and Ryan. We were never angry with each other. We had a conversation. He gave me good advice and I highly respect him.”

The conflict in question was over whether or not Crystal Bowersox almost quit American Idol. After Ryan Seacrest leaked the story that Bowersox walked off set and he was the one to convince her to stay in the competition, Bowersox was furious. She texted ousted contestant Kateyln Epperly that she felt “betrayed by Seacrest.”

According to Bowersox, the conversation between she and Seacrest was blown way out of proportion and turned into something bigger than it really was. ”We had a conversation, but it definitely didn’t go down the way it has been portrayed. We had a simple, civil conversation,” she says. ”I am not mad at Ryan Seacrest. He is a great man. We just bumped into each other and had a good talk.” Bowersox also insists that she ”never intended on quitting” American Idol. ”It has been an amazing journey out there so far,” she adds.

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