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Dancing With The Stars: Kate Gosselin Says She’ll Miss Tony Dovolani

April 22, 2010 09:00 AM by Nancy Floyd


Kate Gosselin is the latest casualty on ABC‘s Dancing With the Stars, being sent home on Tuesday’s results show. The Kate plus 8 star was at the center of gossip and controversy during her run on the reality dance competition, but she’s heartbroken to leave. Find out what she says about her kids’ reaction and what she’ll miss most about the show…

Before the tenth season of ABC‘s Dancing With the Stars began, Kate Gosselin was trash-talking about her imminent win. Unfortunately, her journey on the show came to an end this week when she was sent home. She and partner, Tony Dovolani, received a low score of 15 points for their Breakfast Club-inspired Foxtrot and couldn’t get enough votes to stay in the competition.

“I wasn’t kidding when I said I wasn’t a dancer,” Gosselin says. “I was facing my fears. I’m really thankful to have had such an incredible opportunity. I had a good run and am really thankful for the opportunity.”

Much of her time on ABC‘s Dancing With the Stars was tainted by rumors of her diva-like antics and her strained relationship with partner, Tony Dovolani, but Gosselin says she’ll still miss the show and her partner. “Contrary to popular belief, I really enjoyed my time on Dancing With the Stars,” she says. “Tony and I had a lot of fun … We laughed a lot of times until we cried. I’m going to miss the excitement, I’m going to miss Tony. I’m not going to miss the fear of a new dance or the scores.”

Now that her time on the dance competition is over, Gosselin is looking forward to returning to her Pennsylvania home to spend time with her eight children. “I’m going to go home and start making dinner and hanging out with my kids,” she says. “I’m always looking forward to spending more time with my kids.” She is worried, however, about her kids’ reaction to her elimination saying they ”will be upset, definitely. They will be shattered, in fact.” But Gosselin isn’t going to let them watch her elimination episode and says in the long run, “they’ll be OK. They’ll be glad to have me back. I’m thrilled to have been here and obviously going back to my kids is always a wonderful thing.”

Despite the fact that she didn’t take home the mirrorball trophy, Gosselin is proud that she lasted so long on Dancing With the Stars. ”I am amazed I lasted halfway, and it is due to my fans and viewers who believed in us,” she said. “I will take that with me always.” Her partner, Tony Dovolani, agrees saying, “Nobody gave her a chance past the second week. The fact that we made it past the second week is all thanks to the fans.”

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