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Jersey Shore: Snooki Dumps Boyfriend Via Voicemail

April 22, 2010 07:00 AM by Nancy Floyd


It seemed like a match made in heaven when MTV‘s Jersey Shore star, Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi started dating Gold Gym’s trainer, Emilio Massella. The couple, who shared an affinity for hair products and flashy clothing, began dating in January but according to Massella, they’ve split up. Keep reading for more details about Snooki’s break-up voicemail and her reported hook-up with Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino…

Big-haired, too-tanned, self-proclaimed Guidette, Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi, star of MTV‘s Jersey Shore, had finally found love…or so it seemed. The reality TV star began dating Gold Gym’s trainer Emilio Massella in January and were spotted by paparazzi getting cozy across the country. Now it seems that another MTV reality show has come between the two, who have recently parted ways.

“I told Nicole I tried out for Real World and she was upset,” Masella tells PEOPLE magazine. “She thought I was using her to get on the show which is ridiculous.” After a heated argument, Masella received an angry voicemail from Snooki in the wee hours of Sunday morning that said, “You’re nothing. You’re single.”

Masella doesn’t understand exactly why Snooki would be so upset about his Real World audition, but he has a few guesses. “I never asked her for anything,” he says. “She’s the one that pulled me into the spotlight, bringing me to all these places. It seems like she’s starting to get jealous….She’s being very jealous and spiteful.”

Regarding allegations of his own infidelity, Masella says, “I’d never cheat on her–I love her,” but he’s growing suspicious of rumors that Snooki hooked up with her Jersey Shore co-star, Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino on Monday. “I talked to her yesterday and I was like, ‘You know I’d never cheat on you; I’d never do something so low,’” he says. “She said she hadn’t hooked up with anybody [either] — but she freakin’ lied to me. She put out there that I cheated, which is ridiculous, and now the tables have turned. It sucks.”

He’s also curious about the timing of their break-up and Snooki’s rumored quick rebound with Mike. “I don’t know if she [broke up with me] on purpose so she could hook up with Mike,” he says. “I knew [her time on set for Jersey Shore] was going to be crazy, but I didn’t think it was going to be this crazy. I trusted her and I trusted all the kids in the house too — I was friends with them too. I thought they’d have more respect for me than that.”

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