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Survivor: Heroes Vs Villains — Merge Brings Tribal Council Shocker

April 22, 2010 07:50 PM by Ryan Haidet


After weeks of speculating a merge, the two tribes finally became one on Survivor: Heroes Vs. Villains.  With new buffs and a new tribe name, both sides went into the merge at an even level with five players each.  With strategies in full force, a jaw-dropping moment took place at Tribal Council — unlike anything we’ve ever seen in the show’s 20-season history.  Proof that Survivor is still the king of all reality!

Becoming One

The morning of day 25, Rupert and Amanda went to treemail and retrieved a big box with a note attached telling them to keep it closed until company arrived with a key.  Over at the Villains camp, they received a Hawaiian sling with a key (hmmm…wonder what that would be for).  They also got a map to the Heroes camp.

After gathering their things together, the Villains arrived at the Heroes camp, opened up the crate and pulled out their fresh, black buffs.  There was also a pig’s head, vegetables and fruit inside for the traditional merge feast.  As the newly merged tribe all worked around camp and got to know one another, Parvati was upset that nobody wanted her there.  She could tell everybody was upset she was still in the game.


If you missed last week’s episode, here’s a quick recap of what you need to know before we go any farther.  With Russell the last man standing on the Villains tribe, the Heroes started to think he was on the bad side of an all-female alliance.  In an effort to extend a strategic helping hand, JT and the Heroes decided to give Russell their hidden Immunity Idol so he could play it at Tribal Council and oust Parvati.  After a very secretive hand off at the Immunity challenge last week, Russell kept it for himself and Courtney went home instead without any Idols being played (Parvati had found one for herself, too).

Now fast forward to the merge.  The Heroes thought Russell and Parvati both used Idols to save themselves, which was the perfect scenario for the Villains.  When Rupert and Colby asked what happened, Russell created a big story about how the Idols were both played at the same time, which resulted in Courtney’s elimination.  JT and Rupert were convinced.  “This is going to be way easier than I thought,” Russell said.  “It’s going to be a wonderful thing.”


But not so fast.  Sandra took a quick moment to chat with Rupert to offer him some insight into Russell’s true personality.  She tried to explain to him that Russell was a liar and described what actually happened at the last Tribal Council.  She warned him to not believe what Russell says.  Rupert listened and immediately started working to convince his tribemates that Russell was untrustworthy.  But instead of listening to his concerns, JT, Amanda and Candice told him he was being paranoid and should calm down.  JT couldn’t believe Rupert would listen to Sandra’s story.  “Do I believe it?” he asked.  “Not a chance in the world.”

Toes On Poles

At the Immunity challenge, the merged tribe revealed their new name — Yin-Yang, which appropriately represents the mixture of good and evil.  When it came to the competition, it was a simple endurance challenge we’ve seen before in the Cook Islands and Tocantins seasons.  The 10 contestants had to climb to the top of a pole with notches in it, which provided just enough space for them to squeeze their toes in as they hugged the totem to stay in the competition.  The last person left on their pole would win Immunity.

Below’s image is of Tyson on Survivor: Tocantins competing in the same challenge from tonight’s episode.


Just minutes after the challenge started, both Colby and Sandra dropped out of the competition.  After 90-some minutes, it came down to just Parvati and Danielle — both of the Villains tribe.  After a quick chat, Parvati stepped out of the challenge since she already has an Idol and gave Danielle victory.

A Tribal Surprise!

Back at camp, Russell gave Parvati the Idol that JT had given to him since he thought she was in jeopardy.  But he didn’t know she had one of her of her own.

At Tribal Council, Rupert said the merge has made things a bit weird.  After a short argument over bananas, Russell chimed in and said they needed to focus on the game.  “This is the most important vote that I’ve ever been a part of,” he said.

After the votes were cast, host Jeff Probst asked if anybody wanted to play a hidden Immunity Idol.  Parvati quickly pulled one of them out of her bag and gave it to Sandra.  If that was surprising enough, Parvati then dug the other Idol out of her bag and handed it off to Jerri.  Wow.  What a crazy, brave, insane move.

When the votes were read, the first few fell against Jerri but none of them counted since she was safe with Parvati’s Idol.  When the rest of the votes were read, it was revealed that JT — who had won his season in Tocantins — was the latest person voted off.  What a major blindside that was!  As JT rose to have his torch extinguished, Russell turned to Parvati and told her she has some explaining to do.



Images courtesy of CBS.

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  1. punkindmb Says:
    April 23rd, 2010 at 10:26 am

    This was too delicious. I loved every minute of last nights episode. TJ saying that he trusted Russell, only to get his face cracked in the end. I love those Survivor blindsides.


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