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The Marriage Ref: Donald Trump, Gloria Estefan, & Adam Carolla

April 22, 2010 08:19 PM by Nancy Floyd

NUP_139404_On tonight’s brand new episode of NBC‘s The Marriage Ref, Tom Papa is joined by celebrity panelists, Donald Trump, Gloria Estefan, and Adam Carolla. As always, the stars dish out their advice to real-life couples struggling through odd and humorous marital disputes. Keep reading to find out how the panel voted on issues regarding roller derby, driving directions, duck eggs, and wooden Indians…

A new episode of NBC‘s The Marriage Ref begins with Donald Trump, Gloria Estefan, and Adam Carolla mediating on behalf of New York couple, Don and Phyllis. Don and Phyllis have been married 41 years, but are having issues finding their way. Don knows how to get around town, but Phyllis and the GPS lady think otherwise, continually giving him nagging directions while he’s driving. Her whiny voice is almost as annoying as Adam Carolla’s, who reminds me an awful lot of Gilbert Godfried.

The panel weighs in on Don and Phyllis’s issue, teasing Donald Trump along the way for never having to drive himself anywhere except through his many spacious mansions. Before the gang casts their votes, it’s time to get some facts from NBC‘s Natalie Morales. It turns out men typically do have a better sense of direction than women. And men everywhere say ‘Amen’ and ‘I told you so!’ Adam Carolla, Gloria Estefan, and Donald Trump vote unanimously in favor for the husband in this dispute. Not surprisingly, The Marriage Ref agrees with them and deems Don the winner. Don is elated and promptly sticks a piece of duct tape over Phyllis’s mouth.


The second couple needing assistance tonight is Antwon and Lazaundra, married for 14 years. Antwon has an issue with Lazaundra’s constant coupon clipping. If she insists on continuing with her penny-pinching ways, Antwon refuses to go grocery shopping with her. Surprisingly, Donald Trump sides with the wife on this one. Does Donald Trump even know what a coupon is?! He likes the fact that she’s working hard to save money for her family. Gloria Estefan likes Lazaundra too, but hopes to never stand behind her in line at the store. Adam Carolla reluctantly agrees with the wife, as well, in an effort not to seem misogynistic. The panel is 2-for-2 when The Marriage Ref agrees with the celebs and votes in favor of Lazaundra.

Next up on NBC‘s The Marriage Ref is Ron and Patsy. After 28 years of marriage, Ron is irritated by Patsy’s time-consuming pastime: roller derby. He’s fed up with her hectic schedule and the fact that she’s rarely at home, leaving him to cook dinner for himself. Gloria Estefan thinks Patsy’s passion is great and that Ron should find a hobby of his own. Adam Carolla also sides with the wife, respecting her enthusiasm. It’s time for the call which is predictably made in favor of Patsy.


Rob and Misty Chang are the fourth couple seeking arbitration from The Marriage Ref. They own ducks that lay eggs. Rob wants to eat the eggs. Misty is grossed out about it. Rob is concerned about the duck’s feelings, thinking she’ll be offended if no one eats her eggs. Misty thinks he should just let the eggs be or perhaps dye them for Easter.

Donald Trump empathizes with Misty’s unhappiness at being forced to eat something she doesn’t like, Adam Carolla jumps on the opportunity to make a stupid joke about lesbian ducks (irrelevant), and Gloria Estefan tries to explain the reproductive process in ducks to Tom Papa. Once again, the celebrity panelists agree and cast their vote in favor of the wife. The Marriage Ref can’t decide who he agrees with so he votes in favor of Lucky the Duck.

NUP_139404_It’s time for one more quick argument on tonight’s episode of NBC‘s The Marriage Ref. Anthony and Patti have been married for 13 years, but another man has come between them: a cigar store Indian. Patti hates Anthony’s wooden Indian statue and wants it out of the house, but Anthony isn’t ready to part with it. Tom Papa allows Gloria Estefan to serve as the honorary Marriage Ref tonight and make the call on her own. Gloria Estefan thinks Anthony and Patti need to come to a compromise. She votes in favor of Anthony that the statue can stay, but Patti is allowed to put a blanket over it.

Tune in to NBC next Thursday for another brand new episode of The Marriage Ref featuring Sarah Silverman, Martin Short, and Matthew Broderick.

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