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Biggest Loser: Victoria Thinks She Was ‘Biggest Threat’

April 23, 2010 09:00 AM by Nancy Floyd


This week on NBC‘s The Biggest Loser, Blue team’s Victoria was the latest competitor to be sent packing after Koli, who had the sole vote for elimination, chose to boot Victoria over fellow competitor, Sunshine. Victoria, who is 40-50 pounds from her finale goal weight, opens up about Koli’s decision, arriving to the ranch late, and being the show’s biggest threat…

Victoria seemed to know her elimination was imminent on NBC‘s The Biggest Loser this week. A late arrival to the weight loss ranch this season, Victoria knew she had less relational ties with the other players and had to work extra hard to stay above the yellow line if she wanted to remain in the reality competition. “I was given this opportunity and I’m so grateful for it. I was thrown in late in the game. I felt like I was a single coming into a couples game but I knew that coming in. I knew that there were twists and turns associated with the show. I believe that no matter when I came in, I was going to give my best so it didn’t really matter to me when I was in I was just grateful to have the opportunity,” Victoria says.

What frustrates her the most is not being eliminated from NBC‘s The Biggest Loser, but the fact that Koli blamed it on her lack of hard work. “I believe that he eliminated me because I was the biggest threat and he knew how hard I worked but he had to give an explanation of why he was voting me off. To say that I needed to kick it into another gear — basically saying that I didn’t work hard — wasn’t true. I mean it is a game and the game was played,” Victoria says.

Now that she’s returned home, Victoria is still working towards her weight loss goals and is looking forward to the Biggest Loser finale. “I weigh 230 pounds and I am about 40 to 45 pounds off my weight goal for the finale. I’ve been kicking it into another gear. I just have to finish. I said this from the beginning, I want to cross my legs in a pair of Louboutins at the finale. That’s my thing,” Victoria says.

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