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Dancing With The Stars: Erin Andrews & Nicole Scherzinger’s Weight Issues

April 25, 2010 01:00 PM by Nancy Floyd


Whether it’s struggling to gain weight, trying not to pack on the pounds, or fearing the loss of jiggly parts, the ladies competing on ABC‘s Dancing With the Stars this season are dealing with their share of weight issues. The latest celebs to share their weight concerns are Erin Andrews and Nicole Scherzinger who are facing opposite dilemmas. One of them can’t keep the weight on while the other keeps bulking up in muscle. Keep reading to find out how the dance competition is changing their bodies…

One of the greatest and most widely discussed benefits of competing on ABC‘s Dancing With the Stars is the effect it has on the competitors’ bodies. Almost every contestant brags about the effects of the show on their trimmed down and toned up bodies. This season, Erin Andrews and Nicole Scherzinger are no different as the show’s grueling schedule takes a toll on their figures.

“I’m losing weight,” ESPN sportscaster Erin Andrews says. “I cannot keep weight on me right now. And Maks [says] ‘You’ve got to eat healthy , You need vitamins’ and all I want to do is eat a 10-piece chicken McNuggets and cheeseburgers and keep the fat on me right now. Because literally everything is just basically falling off. I’m losing my butt and my boobs!” Still, despite struggling to keep weight on, Andrews says, “Dancing is an awesome workout! My muscles have gotten longer and leaner!”

Nicole Scherzinger, on the other hand, is having a different problem on ABC‘s Dancing With the Stars. “Erin’s the opposite of me. She’s losing weight, I’m gaining weight but that’s ok. I’m gaining muscle,” Scherzinger says. “I’m used to rehearsals and preparing for my tour with the Pussycat Dolls and everything, so my metabolism requires a lot more food to keep up my energy. It’s a matter of being fit in your mind. It’s just about being healthy mentally and physically.”

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