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America’s Next Top Model: New Zealand, Nigel Barker, & Sheep

April 28, 2010 10:24 PM by Nancy Floyd

America's Next Top Model

America’s Next Top Model is going overseas tonight as the six remaining contestants travel to New Zealand! They hit the ground running (literally) as they rush to go-sees immediately after landing and later take part in a photo shoot with livestock and photographer (and ANTM judge), Nigel Barker. Keep reading for all the details on tonight’s episode…

Congratulations Top Six contestants on America’s Next Top Model, you’re going to New Zealand! Not surprisingly the girls are psyched to travel down under, although Jessica thinks they’re headed north. Doing her part to disprove stereotypes about the intellectual prowess of models, Jessica says that she thought New Zealand was above Canada. It’s flawless logic. After all, aren’t all the best vacation spots and fashion destinations located north of Canada?

America's Next Top Model

After the 22-hour flight to New Zealand, the models meet Miss J and some male tribal dancers to learn about their first challenge: go-sees! That’s right, Miss J isn’t wasting any time, immediately sending the six ladies out to see six of New Zealand’s top designers. There are six whole fashion designers in New Zealand?? Wow, I’m impressed.

The claws come out as the America’s Next Top Model contestants race around town trying to see all six designers in the allotted time limit. In typical America’s Next Top Model fashion, several of the girls fail to follow the directions and are disqualified. Angelea is the only model who is able to see all six designers in the five hour time limit. Alexandra and Jessica actually return on time, but failed to see everyone. Krista managed to impress the designers she met with, but is disqualified for returning three minutes late. Raina, who exited her cab and walked back in the rain (smart idea), arrives late as well, but no one is nearly as late as Alasia who shows up 45 minutes late. Alasia?? Late?? Impossible. With Krista, Raina, and Alasia disqualified, that only leaves Jessica (deemed too commercial), Alexandra (too casual), and Angelea in the running. Not surprisingly, Angelea was declared the winner for booking six out of six go-sees. Impressive. Too bad her attitude sucks.

America's Next Top Model

Before heading to the photo shoot, the top six models move into their amazing New Zealand penthouse and are greeted with a rainbow. How magical. Did Tyra set that up? The ladies head to the photo shoot which involves sheep and Nigel Barker. The ladies will each be wearing the same black dress and posing with a sheep while photographer and ANTM judge, Nigel Barker snaps their pics. This photo shoot makes perfect sense to me. In the high fashion modeling world, don’t women always pose in formal gowns next to livestock? I wonder if Jessica is bummed that they aren’t posing with polar bears or penguins given New Zealand’s close proximity to the North Pole.

America's Next Top Model

Despite being fearful of the animal (who is afraid of sheep?? They are basically the most docile animal on the planet!), Krista manages to have an amazing photo shoot and get some great shots. Alexandra and Raina also impress Nigel Barker with their shoots, but Angelea, Jessica, and Alasia falter and are disappointing. I can’t be certain, but I think even the sheep was let down. I bet he called his agent after the shoot and asked for better co-stars.

America's Next Top Model

It’s time for the Top Six models to appear before the judging panel. In addition to a jumpsuit-clad Tyra Banks (seriously?? Another jumpsuit?!), Nigel Barker, and Andre Leon Talley, the ladies will also be judged by special guest, Sarah Tetro, host of New Zealand’s Next Top Model. The judges rave about Krista, Raina, and Alexandra’s photos, but are disappointed in Jessica, Angelea, and Alasia. The crazy-runway-moment-of-the-week award goes to Angelea who, after being told that her dress looks like something to wear to a club, proceeds to do a walk/dance across the runway, waving her arms in the air like a fool. Everyone’s confused. It’s pretty hard to look that stupid on the runway given all the crap that Tyra Banks pulls week after week (let’s not forget that big New Zealand reveal last week).

America's Next Top Model

After the judges deliberate, Krista is deemed the photo shoot winner for the second week in a row. Alexandra is the runner-up, with Raina and Angelea’s names being called shortly after. That means Jessica and Alasia are in the bottom two. The judges feel Jessica is too commercial and Alasia lacks the focus. In the end, Alasia is sent packing (finally!) and Jessica is safe for another week.

Tune in to America’s Next Top Model next Wednesday when the five remaining models must pose for a photo shoot with Tyra Banks behind the camera! I wonder if she’ll be wearing a jumpsuit.

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