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Kate Plus Eight: Gosselin’s Kids Granted Permission To Appear on TLC Specials

April 28, 2010 09:00 AM by Nancy Floyd


After several weeks of working with the Pennsylvania Department of Labor and Industry, Kate Gosselin and TLC reps have been granted permission for Gosselin’s eight children to appear on upcoming episodes of Kate plus 8. Following several complaints from the public, the Pennsylvania labor department began an investigation and determined that child-labor permits were required if the eight children were to continue appearing on camera. Keep reading for more info on the latest ruling…

Kate Gosselin’s eight children have been granted permission to appear on future Kate plus 8 specials on TLC. The Pennsylvania Department of Labor investigated the Gosselin family after receiving complaints from the public concerned about the children’s well-being and the family’s adherence to child-labor laws.

Troy Thompson, a spokesman for the Pennsylvania Department of Labor & Industry said, ”Based on the investigation, we did not obtain any evidence that there were any transgressions in the treatment of the children under the child-labor law, but we still conclude that the child-labor permits were required under the labor law.”

The agreement states that at least 15 percent of the proceeds from Kate plus 8, Jon & Kate plus 8, and any future shows featuring the Gosselin children must be placed into a trust fund until the children are 18 years old. TLC producers for Kate plus 8 confirm that they’ve received child-labor permits for Gosselin’s twins and sextuplets to appear on upcoming episodes of the show. The permits are good for six months, at which time they must be renewed if the children are to continue making appearances in Gosselin’s reality shows. Despite the public complaints and allegations from Gosselin’s estranged brother, Kevin Kreider, that the children were mistreated, no legal action is being take against Kate Gosselin or TLC.

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