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Dancing With The Stars: Louis Van Amstel Apologizes To Kate Gosselin

April 29, 2010 09:00 AM by Nancy Floyd


Dance pro Louis van Amstel issued an apology to his recently eliminated competitor on ABC‘s Dancing With the Stars, reality TV mom Kate Gosselin, for saying she needed therapy. Van Amstel told reporters last weekend that he thought Gosselin needed a psychologist to help her understand what was holding her back. Now, he apologizes for the statement and explains what he really meant to say…

Getting eliminated from ABC‘s Dancing With the Stars wasn’t enough to keep Kate Gosselin free from criticism. Most recently, it came from fellow DWTS star, dance pro Louis van Amstel who told reporters on Friday that Gosselin “needs a psychologist…In the end, I felt really bad for Kate.”

Van Amstel apologizes for the remark, saying it came across differently than he intended it to. ”I want to apologize to Kate. I really do. She grew on all of us so much,” van Amstel says. “What I was meaning to say is that dance is like therapy. It’s such a great way to use movement without having to talk about it — just move and go to a certain place. That’s what I said and that was what Kate needed,” he explains.

Van Amstel recognizes that “it was hard” for Gosselin to receive harsh criticism week after week from the Dancing With the Stars‘ judges. ”And the way she coped with it was really good,” he says. “It’s a shame that she couldn’t be here long enough to really show people at home. A lot of people didn’t really get that Kate wanted to be here — it didn’t translate on camera. But we saw it a lot backstage — she really did want to be here. Finding a way to break through so that the audience got it was, I think, where she struggled.”

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