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Survivor: Heroes Vs Villains – Sandra’s Plans Are Thwarted!

April 29, 2010 06:12 PM by Candace Young


Nine contestants are left on Survivor: Heroes Vs Villains after the shocking exit of J.T. on the last episode. In the aftermath, Russell confronts Parvati about lying to him about her hidden idols. She tells him to go ahead and be mad. She tells the cameras that Russell likes to be in control, and the move she made scared him a little bit. Rupert speaks of his frustration that no one but Sandra would believe him about Russell. He feels his only hope would be to get Sandra to open the door again.

As the whales roll through the water, Russell and Candice stand on the shore discussing a possible alliance. He trusts Candice, and is satisfied that now it won’t even matter what Sandra is going to do.

Jeff Probst appears saying they will be competing in Survivor shuffleboard. The winning team will go to see a screening of Treasure Island at Robert Louis Stevenson’s house!  Candice, Parvati,  and Jerri form a team, as do Russell, Rupert, and Sandra, and lastly Colby, Danielle, and Amanda.  After a tense game, Colby wins it for his team!


Colby, Amanda, and Danielle get a tour of Robert Louis Stevenson’s house, where Amanda obsesses over where a hidden clue might be. The three pile onto a bed to watch the movie, and Danielle finds the clue, but Amanda ventures around the other side of the bed and takes it! A catfight ensues, and Colby regards the scene without doing much of anything.

Immunity Idol Found

Back at camp, Danielle shares the story of what Amanda did with Russell, Jerri, and Parvati. They go looking in the rocks for the Idol and Russell finds it and sits on it! He tells the camera he is the King of Hidden Immunity Idols.  He heads back to talk to Candice and promises to show her the Idol to prove he trusts her.  Candice tells Russell she now trusts him, but tells the camera she’s not sure she does. Russell assures her they’ll go to the final three.

Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains

Colby and Sandra take a walk. Sandra feels it’s the perfect time to make her move, and Colby says they should assume Danielle will have the immunity idol because she has the clue. Colby feels they should take out Russell or Parvati tonight.  Sandra next speaks to Russell, who says he trusts her, but she is determined to get him out.  She makes her way over to Rupert, who is hopeful they can get Russell out if Sandra flips.

Immunity Challenge

It’s time for the Immunity Challenge. Today they will each have a set of 150 tiles and must use them to build a house of cards 10 feet tall.  It all comes down to Russell and Jerri who are neck-and-neck at the 9.5 foot mark. Jerri wins by just a few seconds!

Candice listens as Rupert, Amanda, Colby, and Sandra make plans to put Russell’s name down at Tribal Council, and promptly runs off to tell him! Sandra joins them and Russell confronts her about saying she’ll put his name down. He tells them both to write Amanda’s name.  Sandra is angry about Candice telling Russell. Colby, Rupert, and Candice decide to vote for Parvati instead. They tell Sandra, and Rupert says he’ll fill Amanda in.  Sandra finally gets Candice alone and reads her the riot act for tattling to Russell.

Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains

Tribal Council

Everyone gathers, including the jury. Sandra discusses her position, and her feelings of being an outsider.  Russell makes remarks about each of the contestants and finishes by saying Sandra is ‘just there with them’. Probst calls it a big statement.  Jeff asks Jerri if she’s keeping the immunity necklace, and she replies, “Absolutely!” The vote commences, and soon Jeff is ready to do the tally.  Russell plays the hidden immunity idol to protect himself! It turns out he didn’t need to, because all of the votes were for Amanda and Parvati. Ultimately, it’s Amanda who is sent home.

Next week:  Russell gets threatening toward Parvati and Jerri as the Villains alliance comes apart at the seams…

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