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The Marriage Ref: Sarah Silverman, Martin Short, & Matthew Broderick

April 29, 2010 11:19 PM by Nancy Floyd


On tonight’s new episode of NBC‘s The Marriage Ref, the celebrity panel is comprised of comedienne Sarah Silverman, actor (and husband to Sarah Jessica Parker) Matthew Broderick, and funny man Martin Short. As always, the three stars will be helping Tom Papa mediate real-life marital disputes. Keep reading for more info on tonight’s marriage battles that involve sex scheduling, coffee ordering, line dancing, and Lord of the Rings…

Tonight’s episode of NBC‘s The Marriage Ref begins with Maryland-based couple, Therman and Tee. After only four years of marriage, they’re already experiencing a sex drought. Therman would like them to have sex more often; Tee thinks he’s a sex maniac. Tee’s main basis for her argument is the Bible. Nowhere in the Bible does it instruct women to have sex 3, 4, or 5 times a week. Can’t argue with a foolproof argument like that. Besides, Tee thinks Therman shouldn’t demand sex, especially when he never buys her anything.

Martin Short thinks the “bedroom activities” are an important part of marriage. Bedroom activities?? We’re not talking about badminton and arts & crafts, Martin, but thanks for your input. Sarah Silverman thinks Tee’s “buy-me-something” argument is wrong, but Matthew Broderick understands that maybe Tee just wants more romance and generosity. In the end, the panelists are completely unhelpful. They basically cast their vote for both Therman and Tee, arguing that sex is important but Tee needs to be romanced. The Marriage Ref has to decide for himself and he gives the victory to Tee. Therman needs to be more romantic if he wants to get lucky.


The second couple seeking wisdom from The Marriage Ref is Amber and Guy from Ohio. They fell in love at first sight and have been married for 18 years. Their dilemma is that Amber spends a lot of time with her “good friend,” Matt. Guy wishes she would stop hanging out with Matt so much, but Amber says they’re just friends. She also tries to prove what a non-threat he is by discussing how many shoes he owns and the fact that he wears pink. Matt, on the other hand, when given the chance to talk to the camera, says how much he loves women and regularly tells Guy about all the ladies he’s trying to hook up with. He does however have a bald head, sideburns, and a goatee. This alone proves he’s not a threat in my opinion.

Sarah Silverman thinks anyone who is paranoid about being cheated on is probably someone capable of cheating. Martin Short thinks Amber should respect her husband’s wishes. Matthew Broderick is puzzled by Amber and Guy altogether, but he votes in favor of the husband until he hears Sarah Silverman’s argument. She alleges that Amber is being open about the relationship so there’s nothing for Guy to worry about. Martin Short, on the other hand, is 100% on Guy’s side, thinking Amber’s relationship with Matt is totally inappropriate. The Marriage Ref is confused about who to vote for so naturally he calls on Jay Leno for wisdom. What?? Jay Leno? Sure, why not? If Leno’s hair is any indication, he just rolled out of bed before showing up to the set. He votes for Guy, which leads Tom Papa to also vote in favor of Guy. Jay Leno departs and it’s time to move onto the next couple.


Debbie and Mario are high school sweethearts who have been married for 37 years. Their debate is over decaf and grooming. At restaurants, Debbie insists on having freshly brewed decaf that has been made within the last 20 minutes. This drives Mario crazy. He, on the other hand, spends two hours a day in the bathroom grooming himself. This drives Debbie crazy.

Matthew Broderick agrees with Debbie on the importance of freshly brewed coffee. According to Natalie Morales, the “Just The Facts” lady, decaf coffee does go bad after 30 minutes. Martin Short and Sarah Silverman agree that Debbie’s got a right to good coffee. Martin thinks two hours in the bathroom is too long, but Sarah thinks the bathroom time is private and Matthew thinks he should be allowed to take as long as he wants. The Marriage Ref votes in favor of Mario on the coffee issue. Debbie shouldn’t be such a stickler about her decaf. On the bathroom issue though, he gives the victory to Debbie telling Mario he’s only allowed to spend 45 minutes max in the bathroom. One victory for each of them means it’s a tie. Fear not, there’s a tiebreaker and it involves some heinous dance moves.

Mario loves country line dancing, which he demonstrates (very poorly, I might add) in the kitchen, and likes to go line dancing on his own. Debbie can’t understand why he wants a hobby without her and wants to go with him. After Martin Short imitates the dancing (quite hilariously, I might add), the panelist weighs in on the issue. Matthew Broderick thinks Mario should be able to “dance away,” Sarah thinks he should “let his freak flag fly,” and Martin says “let him dance.” The Marriage Ref agrees with the panel and gives the victory to Mario.


The final couple on tonight’s show is Betty and Ash who met online in a chat room and have been married for eight years. Ash has an unhealthy obsession with Lord of the Rings, and Betty is over it. They have closets full of Lord of the Rings memorabilia that Ash refuses to sell, despite their rapidly decreasing value. Sarah thinks Betty should support Ash’s hobbies and interests, Matthew Broderick thinks Ash’s obsession is endearing, and Martin thinks Ash has the right to be interested in whatever he wants. With three votes in favor of Ash, it’s no surprise that The Marriage Ref gives him the victory.

Tune in to NBC next Thursday for another brand new episode of The Marriage Ref featuring Jerry Seinfeld, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Greg Giraldo.

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