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The Real Housewives Of New York City: Bethenny’s Pregnancy Goes Public, And Alex Has A Message For Jill

April 29, 2010 08:40 PM by Jennifer


Bethenny is dealt a heavy blow on tonight’s The Real Housewives of New York City on BRAVO when a blogger releases news of her pregnancy on the internet, before any of Bethenny’s family or friends know, and Bethenny is put into panic mode when she has to tell Jason that their secret is out. Instead of being able to share the happy news with Jason’s parents at a nice dinner when she is a few months along, they must now deal with the tabloids blowing it out of the water. How will Jason take the news? Keep reading to find out!


When Bethenny breaks the news to Jason that her pregnancy is now public knowledge, he is clearly angry. I mean, who wouldn’t be. The person who put it out there for all to see totally took away a special moment in his life when he was to tell his parents that he was going to be a father. I for one truly believe Jason and Bethenny love each other, and that they did not just get engaged because she was pregnant. They look so happy together and I hope everyone gives them the privacy they deserve. But of course, being in the spotlight makes that impossible.

Jason can’t believe that someone could be so cruel that they would leak their pregnancy. But he realizes that this is something that has happened that he has to deal with, and he and Bethenny decide that they need to call his parents and tell them before they read it online.

When Jill gets an email alert about the pregnancy on her phone, she calls LuAnn to find out all of the dirt, but to her surprise, she knows nothing. But LuAnn is with Sonja when Jill calls, and Sonja says it did look like Bethenny has a bump, even though she was only a few weeks pregnant. Then the three of them start to speculate that that is the reason why Bethenny is acting badly toward them, and they think it is the reason she and Jason got engaged. All three of them are jumping the gun on this poor girl who’s health and personal business were just leaked all over the web!

Bethenny calls Alex and tells her the news first, because Alex has been her closest friend lately in the group. Alex is thrilled for her, but also shocked when Bethenny tells her that Jill left her a voice mail, giving her some advice. Jill said that Bethenny should keep it under wraps, that it is just a rumor, and that she took the liberty of telling the press it was just a rumor. Seems like Jill has alot of nerve to not only give her advice after blowing her off for so long, but for also talking to the press about it. So Bethenny asks Alex to let Jill know that their friendship is definitely over, and Alex is more than happy to do this for her.

In their new found renewal of their friendship on an all new The Real Housewives of New York City on BRAVO, Ramona accompanies Sonja to a surgical appointment where Sonja wants to loose some excess weight from her belly. Ramona was asking questions left and right, because she has done some research. Sonja said Ramona is very smart, and Ramona seems to feel really important when she starts asking the doctors credentials. I guess this is a good way to keep Ramona calm and not fly off the handle in a crazy snit like she has done alot on the past few episodes.


Jill, Alex, and the rest of the housewives, minus Bethenny, all attend an event at Bloomingdale’s where LuAnn is speaking about the book she wrote about manners and etiquette. But the whole time she is speaking, Jill and Kelly are not only texting and using their phones, but they are also chatting with each other, which is totally unacceptable to LuAnn. They have shown such little class in front of the countess.

On the other side of Manhattan the next evening, Ramona prepares for the launch of her skin care line. She invited all of the housewives, and Jill immediately rips apart Ramona’s brochure by saying that she definitely had some touch ups done for her photo, and that there are a million skin care lines out there. Payback for Ramona almost ruining her endorsement deal with Kodak in the last episode. She receives a note from Bethenny that she cannot attend, but also throws the pregnancy announcement in there. Jill was appalled that Bethenny was going to tell Ramona that way. Alex drops the bomb that she also has a delivery, for Jill, which is a message that Bethenny never wants to see or talk to Jill again. Jill was so embarrassed that everyone heard it, and after she thought about it, she was pretty mad at Alex. Ramona said that Alex has alot of balls for saying that in front of the whole group. Jill cannot forgive Alex, and calls her a bitch. Jill tries to take the high road and brush it off, but when she leaves, she cries on LuAnn’s shoulders about how hurt she was that Alex did that to her.

I don’t see why she is so shocked. After all she would not talk to Bethenny for months, and now when she feels like she looks like a piece of crap for their friendship going kaput, Bethenny basically sends the message that it is too late. I really think that the whole fight being leaked to the press made Bethenny feel like Jill needed to unnecessarily make everything public, when it should have been kept between them.

Now that Jill knows how Bethenny really feels, will she still try to pursue a friendship with her? Or will Jill go on with her life and let Alex take the brunt of her anger? Next week’s previews show some great arguments, nothing new for these housewives!!

Tune in next Thursday at 10 p.m. EST for more drama on an all new episode of The Real Housewives of New York City on BRAVO . See you after the show!

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