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Wife Swap: Schroeder And Wardle Families

April 30, 2010 06:52 PM by Lisa Princ


Tonight on the first of two brand new episodes of Wife Swap on ABC, we’ll get goth meets sports fanatics, as a hockey mom of three swaps lives with a gothic mom of four gothic children. This is one spooky episode you won’t want to miss!

First we meet the Schroeder family on Wife Swap on ABC. The Schroeder family is completely gothic, even down to their four children. While most families have picnics in the park, this family is having picnics in the graveyard, yikes! Their four children are barely allowed to be children, the only “sport” they are allowed to play is ballet because dad feels they need to part of the arts, even their sons who are not at all happy with this.

On the flip side, we meet the Wardle family on Wife Swap on ABC who are obsessed with hockey. This family has three children, and while they are so wrapped up in their hockey obsession with their 2 sons, their daughter’s love for dance goes unnoticed. This family even calls their children losers and they sing loser songs to them if the kids do not perform to their standard.


During the swap, the Wardles seemed to have no problem accepting their new goth mom, Sheila on Wife Swap on ABC as she followed all their rules, but seemed to be a bit slow in the motivation department. Sheila encouraged dance in the family and made them realize how important their daughter’s dance was to her, while teaching the boys that is ok to dance…heck, even dad joined in and had fun.

Back at the Schroeder’s home, things were not going as smoothly Stacey would not get dressed up in their goth attire. Stacey tried to encourage sports for the boys, and while dad, Eric was against it at first, he did wind up enjoying watching his children play hockey and football. He would not however agree to cut his hair as Stacey had requested, but he did lose his goth look for a week, and he did allow his son to get a haircut. Stacy and Eric got into it a few times and had a few choice words, but in the end they came together for the kids.

In the end, the Schroeder family decided that while they would not drop their goth, they would allow their kids to explore sports a bit more and have fun being children. The Wardle family however, made more of a joke about it all as they dressed up in halloween costumes and mocked the Schroeder family. I guess some people are just not willing to change much, but at the very least they did realize the importance of their daughter’s dance.

Be sure to tune in next Friday at 8 pm EST for another episode of Wife Swap on ABC.

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2 Responses to “Wife Swap: Schroeder And Wardle Families”

  1. Darius Says:
    July 2nd, 2013 at 2:43 pm

    this show just proved that most alternative people are very open minded
    apart from the goth dad at least
    these so called “sports fanatics” were narrowminded narcissist individuals

  2. Yin Says:
    August 20th, 2013 at 4:26 am

    i don’t know when this episode was aired i just caught it online and i must say that i like the style of the Schroeder family parents who help their kids realize that what other people think isnt very important if you don’t encourage the bully by caring the bully will stop right? im also sorry to Eric that he had to put up with a malicious female calling him a loser when he isn’t however all kids should have the right to choose to do what they want to but why not compromise be cultured and feel as though you fit in at such a young age i can see why acceptance is important to a child i was tormented all through school for everything but i was classy and diverse i had to grow up at a young age and i turned out fine I’m also a fan of anything and everything from Gothic Lolita visual kei to hello kitty so i don’t see why a family who wants to stand out from the norm is so bad from a family who encourages pain torment and insults as motivation which by the way is in no way positive reinforcement and in closing id like to say bravo to the Schroeder family for being who you are and not conforming to the world of hokey!


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