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Dancing With The Stars: Tony Dovolani Got Along With Kate Gosselin ‘Wonderfully’

May 01, 2010 01:00 PM by Nancy Floyd


Almost two weeks after their elimination on ABC‘s Dancing With the Stars, Tony Dovolani is speaking out about the real nature of his relationship with reality TV mom, Kate Gosselin. Despite tabloid reports and rumors of tension, Dovolani has nothing but praise for the single mother of eight. Keep reading for more details on what Dovolani really thinks about Gosselin and what it was like to work with her…

As soon as it was announced that Kate Gosselin would be a competitor on season 10 of ABC‘s Dancing With the Stars, the internet was buzzing with haters hoping to see her eliminated. When video footage of a tense rehearsal between she and dance pro partner, Tony Dovolani, aired on the show, that only added fuel to the tabloid fire of reports about Gosselin’s diva-like behavior on set. But now, Dovolani is speaking out about what it was really like to work with the reality TV mom. “Kate was a perfect example of an everyday person who wondered what it would be like to be on Dancing With the Stars and she tried it. She was challenged, but so what? So is everybody else in their own way. Do you think everybody who walks into the studio is a great dancer? No, if they were, then studios wouldn’t exist. You’re supposed to learn,” Dovolani says.

And despite tense rehearsals, Dovolani says he loved teaching Gosselin how to dance. “I love our show. I love being able to teach. I love being able to show that I can take somebody who’s never taken a dance step in her life and teach her to dance. I had to teach her how to walk in the first lesson! Kate and I get along wonderfully,” he says.

Dovolani does admit that he had to regularly encourage and motivate Gosselin on ABC‘s Dancing With the Stars, especially with all the negative press she was receiving. “Dancing was supposed to be a positive experience for her, and it seems like everybody put a bull’s-eye on her and started shooting. That demoralizes everybody no matter who you are,” he says. Still, he’s proud of how Gosselin handled the negativity. “I have to give her props. She’s an incredible mom and she’s an example for single moms out there. She handles herself to the best of her ability because she’s constantly under fire by everybody. … People hang on every word she says. I don’t have anything negative to say about her. I had a great time teaching her. Whatever drama you saw on TV, that’s exactly how long it lasted. Five minutes, that’s it. We laughed until I had her in stitches. She was on the floor laughing,” Dovolani says.

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