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Celebrity Apprentice: Live Radio Commercials

May 02, 2010 08:44 PM by Lisa Princ


After Donald Trump gave them a free ride last week, the celebrities are back at it tonight on a brand new episode of Celebrity Apprentice on NBC. But when Mr. Trump gives them the tough task of creating a live radio commercial, who will be up to the challenge? And will we see one or two celebrities get fired this week? Keep reading for all the details!

Donald Trump greets the celebrities tonight with a special guest, his other son, Eric Trump on Celebrity Apprentice on NBC. Then he gives the teams their task: each team must create not one, not two, but three 30 second radio commercials that they must perform live for the executives. The winning project manager would not only get $20k from Donald Trump, but an additional $20k from the company executives for their charity. With this tough task, Tenacity chooses to let Summer lead their team this week, while Rocksolid goes with Bret Michaels for project manager.

The team of Rocksolid seems to have it all together on Celebrity Apprentice on NBC. With no bickering or drama, these three just have fun and get the job done. Bret, decides against the ladies will that he is going to use a joke about a “plumber’s crack” in one of the radio commercials, despite the executives request not to. It’s a bit risky, but we all know that Bret is all for taking risks. While they did not have any drama, Sharon and Bret did get stuck dealing with Maria’s ridiculous singing that she would just not stop doing no matter what they said. Finally, after Maria quieted down, they decided to take another risk as well and go with some sexy music in another one of their commercials. Will the risks pay off for Rocksolid? That’ll be up to the executives to decide.


Tenacity had a tougher time this week on Celebrity Apprentice on NBC as they chose 3 jingles for their commercials that did not really stand out, despite both Cyndi and Curtis’s attempts to get Summer to go with something more edgy. The girls would not allow Curtis, our celebrity chef from The Biggest Loser to perform due to his accent and then had to juggle back and forth whether or not Cyndi would perform due to voice issues. In the end, Cyndi wound up performing the lead vocals on only one commercial, while Holly performed on another as Curtis and Summer watched and waited. Maria decided to get Curtis all fired up by stealing a slice of the pizza he had bought for his team. She needs to take her ridiculously colored hair and makeup and take a hike, I do not like this conniving girl at all.

When it was boardroom time on Celebrity Apprentice on NBC, Donald Trump listens to a few of the commercials with the celebrities and then asks Summer what she wants to hear. Of course she says she wants to hear that her team has won and he apologizes, telling her that her team has lost, and Rocksolid has won. When he asked Rocksolid who they thought he should fire, Bret answered that he thought Summer should be fired, while the girls chose Curtis for no good reason at all. Maria said she just looked at him and wanted to punch him, while Sharon could not give a valid reason either..what is wrong with these women?


Donald Trump then asked Summer to choose two people to come back with her, and surprisingly she chose Cyndi along with Curtis even though the executives loved hearing Cyndi sing on one of the radio commercials. Donald Trump almost immediately dismissed Cyndi stating he would not fire her because she did such a great job. When questioned by Mr. Trump as to why he did not defend himself against Sharon and Maria, Curtis claimed he would not treat any woman like that….what a sweetheart, I wonder if he is single!?!? When Summer was asked why our hunky chef from The Biggest Loser should be fired over herself, she could not give a valid reason leaving Donald Trump no choice but to fire Summer!

Be sure to tune in next week at 9 pm EST for a brand new episode of Celebrity Apprentice on NBC as it looks like Sharon and Maria’s worst nightmare is about to come true when Donald Trump takes Bret from them and gives them Curtis instead! See you after the show!

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