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Extreme Makeover Home Edition: Carr Family, Comedian Bill Engvall, and Bethany Hamilton!

May 02, 2010 05:56 PM by Candace Young


On ABC tonight, Extreme Makeover Home Edition, led by host Ty Pennington, will head to Texas to help out the Carr family. Mike and Katrina Carr have devoted their lives to children with special needs, and actually adopted four children from Khazakstan who were abandoned at birth, and who have special needs. Mike has health issues himself, and needs to give his wife and children a safe and accessible home.

Ty does the Door Knock and a tearful Mike and Katrina Carr, along with the kids, tearfully greet him and the Design Team. Ty informs that family they will be heading to Hawaii for a vacation! They tour the house, and Katrina shows Ty the items from Khazakstan that she keeps for the children. Ryanne, who is a seven-year old amputee shows Ty her box of prosthetic legs, and tells him she wants to send some to Haiti. Ty thinks they may be able to help with that.


Ty introduces the family to the builders from Bayless Homes, and the sea of volunteers send the Carrs off on vacation with a loud cheer! Ty and the Design Team meet to discuss the new house. Ty wants one room to have the feel of a yurt. Ed suggests a school room, and Paige lets Ty in on her plans for the girls’ room.

In Hawaii, the Carr family is contacted by Ty to watch the demolition of their house.  Big Tex is brought in to wreck the house, much to the delight of the kids!

On the other side of some inclement weather, the concrete guys put in a fourteen hour shift to get the patio laid. Comedian Bill Engvall, a Texan, arrives to help out! Bill helps with nine-year old Nicholas’s space room.  Johnny and Paige visit a surfing wave pool to get ideas for the girls’ surfing bedroom theme.  A family who are friends with the Carrs come over to advise Ty on the yurt theme. Paige investigates working with clay, as the one daughter likes it, and the whole Design Team becomes clay figures with the help of students from the Art Institute of Dallas! Ed and Johnny visit a Sears store to load up on tools to set up a woodworking shop to help Mike Carr work from home.

Ty contacts the family in Hawaii and tells them to open a wrapped gift he gave them – inside are binoculars. Ty tells the family to use them, and they look out over the ocean to see Bethany Hamilton surfing. Bethany had her arm bitten off by a shark, but never quit. The whole family is soon hitting the surf!  Katrina Carr calls it an unbelievable experience to see the kids grinning from ear to ear and standing on the boards!

Ty contacts the family to show them a video of  kids in Haiti getting new prosthesis and walking with them. Ryanne is tickled to see her generosity in action, and then overcome with emotion.  It is extremely moving.


The limo soon pulls up and the Carr family emerges to the emotion-packed screaming of the crowd. The builder from Bayless is choked up. Everyone chants “Move that bus!” The family is utterly stunned, not only by the sight of the house, but by the news that the mortgage is totally paid off! The Carrs thank the builders, Design Team, and Billy Engvall.

Inside, the family is shocked by the beauty and culture of the yurt design. They take it all in with awe.  Ty comes in and shows them the bi-fold door which open up completely so that the living room becomes part of the patio and outdoor grill area.

Little Nicholas is rendered nearly speechless by his spaceship room! The only word he can utter is, “Cool!”  Tiny Rina checks out her clay and rainbow colors room. Her bed is on the floor so she can climb on in.


Mike is taken to his wood-working room, complete with fridge, and tells Ty it’s going to rock!  Hayden and Ryanne are busy on the board in their surfing simulator room. Ty shows them that they have their own safe and accessible washroom, which conjoins to Rina’s room!

The schoolroom is next on the agenda – the family loves it! Mike and Katrina then get to see their relaxing new master bedroom.  They fall into a hush at the beautiful attention to detail. Ty says it’s time to go outside – where they are presented with a new Ford Flex! Ty welcomes them home!

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Photos Courtesy: ABC

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One Response to “Extreme Makeover Home Edition: Carr Family, Comedian Bill Engvall, and Bethany Hamilton!”

  1. Dil Says:
    February 12th, 2014 at 3:18 am

    I watched this episode with my love and we were totally blown away by the Carr family. So, I searched over the internet and got to here. I just love the kids, they are all so adorable and seeing Ryannee with such spirit, made us feel so emotional but more than that she made us feel like to help other people truly and honestly so much deep into our heart for the first time. We are planning to adopt a child with special needs too :) . We wish the best for the Carr family and hope to meet them someday.

    We also want to thank Extreme Makeover team for doing such a great job and Carr family is such an inspiration that makes us realize that life is so much more beautiful when loving and supporting other people than living yourself.


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