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Dancing With The Stars 05/03/10: Cha Cha Cha Challenge

May 03, 2010 07:02 PM by Paulene Hinds


This week on Dancing With the Stars, the couples performed their individual dance as well as faced off in the Cha Cha challenge. The six remaining couples were split into two teams and that score from the judges was added to their individual dance score. Which star came out on top tonight individually and which group knocked the judges off of their feet? Keep reading to find out who were the Cha Cha challenge winners of this evening!


Up first tonight on Dancing With the Stars was Erin and Maks dancing a Quickstep. They were prepared to dance a proper Quickstep according to Len’s rules…not really…Maks was going all out with a clothing removal and Erin thought that he was challenging Len and being disrespectful. They began their routine with a quick change, not really a clothing removal at all. Other than a mess up in the beginning, Erin’s footwork was awesome! Len thought that the dance was fine and he didn’t mind the quick change…he thought it was Erin’s best dance. Bruno said their dance was lightning fast and brighter than Len’s tie and Carrie Ann told Erin that her routine was gorgeous. Their score was 27.

NFL star Chad and birthday girl Cheryl were dancing a Viennese Waltz. Their routine tonight was very romantic and they told a nice romantic story with their dance. Chad still bends his knees when he dances and needs to quit that if he hopes to continue in the competition. Bruno was happy to see Chad being so graceful and gentle, but he noticed that he doesn’t continue his lines. Carrie Ann agreed with his arm lines, but she thought that he was sexy with his tenderness and Len said that he felt that Chad’s arms were full of fluidity and that tonight Chad became a contender. Chad gave Cheryl Burke a beautiful heart shaped diamond necklace today for her birthday. They received 25 tonight from the judges.


This week Nicole and Derek were dancing a Waltz. They were dancing a special dance for Nicole’s Aunt who has Downs Syndrome. The song was You Light Up My Life. Nicole reminded me of JLo tonight in her dress. Their dance was very elegant and they had a lot of fun with it. Carrie Ann started by saying that Nicole is by far the best dancer they have ever had on the show, but this week she got lost and the connection was a little off. Len said he loved the routine and Bruno said that Nicole is as close to dancing royalty as they have ever had but the routine was so perfect that her mistakes stood out. They received 27. They were tied with Erin and Maks.

Actress and model Pamela was dancing a Waltz with Damian. After burning off some steam at the wildlife center, she really worked on her technique. I loved their dance tonight…Pamela is very passionate. Len said that the dance was quiet and understated, but she needs to work on firming up her upper body. Bruno called her the pure essence of romance although he agreed with Len. Carrie Ann said that she loved the tone of their Waltz tonight. They received 24. I think they will probably go home this week unless Niecy messes up big time.


Niecy and Louis were dancing a Quickstep tonight and Niecy was looking wonderful in her long gown. This dance definitely was her best and she is sooo cute she is hard not to like. Bruno said that Niecy looked gorgeous and her footwork was the best ever. Carrie Ann agreed that it was her best dance and Len said he agreed too, but she needs to lift her ribcage up which prompted Niecy to tell him that she has a lot to lift! They received 25.

The final dancer in the individual dances tonight was Olympic figure skating champion Evan and his partner Anna. They were dancing an Argentine Tango and Evan was trying to re-focus after his worst dance last week. It was sexy and HOT! Wowza. The audience was on their feet as Carrie Ann said that his dance was sexy, refined and she loved it. Len said he has a paddle in his desk that he hadn’t used tonight and he was ready to brush it off. Bruno said that Evan was everything a girl would want and I was thinking he wanted him too! Their score was a perfect 30!

Next on Dancing With the Stars was the team dances. Team Gaga had Nicole and Derek, Chad and Cheryl and Pamela and Damian against team Madonna which consisted of Evan and Anna, Niecy and Louis and Erin and Maks. After dancing against each other the couples had to work with each other to increase their individual scores. This was a chance for the viewers to compare how their favorite dancer stood up against the other competitors. The dance contained both group sections and solos and the teams had a lot of fun practicing.

Team Gaga was up first and Pamela came out first for her solo part followed by Chad and then Nicole. Their routine was awesome and it would be very hard to beat. Len said he loved Nicole, Bruno said that Pamela kept up with the two girls and Chad turned on the heat. Carrie Ann picked out Pamela’s flaws, but commented the group on their sexual energy. Their group score was 27!

Team Madonna hit the floor next on Dancing With the Stars. Niecy was going to be the centerpiece of this group. Right off I did not like their song which was Holiday. Evan did his solo first followed by Niecy and then Erin. Maks and Erin were of course the best of the bunch, but the overall choreography was not that great. Bruno began the comments by saying that Niecy was shaking it. Carrie Ann said that she wished they threw off their skirts earlier and Len commended them all for learning two dances in one week. They received 24 for their group.

Tomorrow night on the Dancing With the Stars results show, another star goes home and the special guest star will be Train. There will also be a great performance by Cirque De Soleil, Viva la Elvis. The show begins at 8 PM ET only on ABC.

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