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Dancing With The Stars: Samantha Harris Misses Hosting

May 03, 2010 12:51 PM by Nancy Floyd


After eight season of co-hosting ABC‘s Dancing With the Stars, Samantha Harris stepped down from her post to focus on her reporting duties for Entertainment Tonight, but that doesn’t mean the TV star doesn’t miss her time in the ballroom. The 36-year old TV host talks about her DWTS days, how she thinks her replacement Brooke Burke is doing, and who she thinks will win this season…

Samantha Harris spent eight seasons as co-host of ABC‘s Dancing With the Stars before relinquishing her job to Brooke Burke and she says she misses her days in the ballroom. ”It was a very big part of my life for eight seasons — four years,” Harris says. But now the TV host is focusing on her other job as a correspondent for Entertainment Tonight. “I am so busy with every day at ET. I’m leaving for London and Cannes this week, and I just came back from Hawaii from a set visit. There is a lot going on, but I am watching this season, and I’m talking about it every day on ET and I am cheering them on,” she says.

As a loyal and dedicated viewer of ABC‘s Dancing With the Stars, Harris has a prediction about who might win this season. Her favorite? Pussycat Doll Nicole Scherzinger. ”I will always love good dancing. So of course Nicole is someone to watch. I really enjoy the beauty of her lines and what she brings to the floor every night,” Harris says.

As for her replacement, Brooke Burke, Samantha Harris thinks she’s “doing a great job” co-hosting ABC‘s Dancing With the Stars. ”It’s a very difficult job to do and I think she is getting through it,” Harris says.

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