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Intervention: Tyler’s Addiction And Horrific Tragedies

May 03, 2010 07:01 PM by Jennifer


Millions of people are addicted to alcohol in this country, and tonight we meet one of them with a tragic story on Intervention on A&E. Tyler used to be the class clown, but now he has an addiction to not only alcohol, but crack and any other drug he can get his hands on. He has faced tragedies that most of us will never know. Keep reading to hear the horrific details!

Tyler’s parents are deathly afraid of the mixing of alcohol and drugs that Tyler continues to use. When he was younger, his father started his own business, and was able to give Tyler and his brother and sister whatever they wanted. But when it came to his mother, it was the opposite. His mom was very strict with them, and when Tyler was 11, they divorced. Tyler lost it at that point. He moved in with his dad, and got to do whatever he wanted since his dad worked all the time, which was like an engraved invitation for him to get into alot of trouble. He started drinking at age 14, and by 15 was using crystal meth and cocaine. Then he dropped out of school and went to work for his dad along with his brother and sister. But he was still the same lenient dad. Then things got really dangerous when Tyler introduced his younger brother and sister to drugs. She got busted when her mother found needles in her bag.,

But she did not get the chance to get an Intervention, as Tyler found his 22 year old sister Ashley dead from a mixture of cocaine, xanax, and heroin. What a beautiful young girl she was, and what a horrible ending she met. But it only gets worse… as a few weeks ago Tyler found his 29 year old brother Zach dead of a drug overdose as well. I cannot believe that he could even survive finding one family member dead, but two? I can’t even imagine! Such a shame.

It seems like he uses drugs and alcohol to numb the pain. Once he starts to feel the hurt, he gets high again. The guilt he must feel has to be overwhelming. One day when Tyler was 4 hours late for work, but since he works for his dad, he gets away with it, because his dad is still lenient with him, even after losing both of his other children. Combined with his brother and sister, they racked up $90,000 in credit card debt against his business that was used to by drugs. Maybe his dad feels guilty for what happened, but how can he let his son get away with all of this? His dad must know that he is home getting high on drugs. Tyler is the only one left for his dad, and he is breaking his heart. His dad is so scared that he will lose Tyler, but he is so out of control that I don’t think there is anyone that can help him. But his dad is a serious enabler.


Later that evening, Tyler’s dad went to see his ex wife, and she told him that Tyler needs help, and he needs to stop allowing this behavior to go on. She was able to throw him out just for finding burn holes in her carpet, and can’t understand after the death of their other two kids, why he can’t do the same to teach Tyler a lesson. Tyler then stops over and tells his mother he has used heroin, a drug he swore he would not use. His mom is shocked that after losing his brother and sister to that drug, that he would even try it. She can even remember when his sister sat in the same room and gave her the same speech. He gets pissed, calls her a bitch, and walks out. Of course he goes home and shoots heroin.

Thank god Tyler’s family sought the help of interventionist Jeff VanVonderen on tonight’s Intervention on A&E, otherwise they would probably find him dead too. When they meet with Jeff, he tells them that he cannot believe they survived such a horrible tragedy, and that they have the courage to try and help Tyler. He prepares them for the message they are going to have to send to Tyler, as hard as it may be for some of them to do, they need to do it before he dies.

Jeff has also arranged for the family members to attend treatment as well, to learn how to not enable Tyler anymore, and to deal with the emotions of the tragic losses they all feel. Tyler can only get better if they get better as well. His father is hesitant because of his business, but agrees to go.

Now it is time for Tyler to walk in to his Intervention, and he is not pleased at all. First thing out of his mouth is that he is not going to rehab. But he sits and listens to his family explain to him that they do not want him to end up dead like his brother and sister. He showed no emotion because he was probably drunk or high when they were reading their statements. He repeats again that he is not going to rehab, and he walks out of the Intervention when his dad asks him to seek help. He is so hell bent on not going that he doesn’t realize they are trying to save his life. His family runs outside after him, and after two hours could not find him.. But even though he has run away, his father still said if he fails to go, he would still support him. Which is the problem!! Just then Tyler calls, and after his dad tells him that he will no longer be allowed at his house or work, and his mom does the same, Tyler hangs up on both of them after cursing them out.

Three days after his father left for treatment, Tyler agrees to do the same, but he only stayed there for 8 days. And of course his dad has since let him back in the house, Tyler has overdosed and nothing has changed. What a sad story, too bad he did not learn his lesson, and I hope he does not meet the same tragic end that his siblings did.

Tune in next Monday at 9PM EST to Intervention on A&E to find out if another life can be saved. See you after the show!

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3 Responses to “Intervention: Tyler’s Addiction And Horrific Tragedies”

  1. sam Says:
    December 27th, 2010 at 6:37 pm

    zack doesn’t give a hoot about them being dead, he can’t feel anything on heroin. when he gets clean he won’t feel anything either bec it will take the rest of his life to understand what happened. don’t give me that crap about how bad he feels, as for the father he’s a deadbeat dad, no feelings to the kids no fatherly advice nothing but making money, no feelings to them so they were all destined to die, zack will die too but not til they are all long gone

  2. jeff Says:
    December 31st, 2010 at 9:00 pm

    I beat this kid up… he is a real pussy and so is his p.o.s daddy. Thanks for hooking ur siblings up with heroin you bitch! Watch your back!

  3. Sheila Beltagy Says:
    May 24th, 2013 at 6:51 pm

    Sorry to hear that the show will only air 5 new shows Then its canceled. This is a good show everyone can learn from this show What are the signs there is something wrong with any one in your family this show will show us what to look for so we can help our family. The same with Dr. Drews show no more Rehab


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