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Amazing Race: Michael & Louie Discuss Elimination, Competition, & U-Turns

May 04, 2010 09:00 AM by Nancy Floyd


Detectives Louie & Michael were the latest team to be ousted from CBS‘ The Amazing Race, just barely missing out on the chance to be part of the finals. Starting in last place this week, the team knew they’d be forced to complete a Speed Bump, an additional task specifically for them, but thought their luck had turned when brothers Dan & Jordan teamed up with them for the first half of the race. Keep reading to hear what the detectives think about their elimination, U-turning other teams, and this week’s challenges…

Despite having to start in last place, Louie & Michael thought they had a chance to earn a spot in the top three on this week’s episode of CBS‘ The Amazing Race, especially when they found Dan & Jordan waiting for them at the beginning of the race. Although they should’ve departed two hours earlier, Dan & Jordan were having a hard time finding the first clue at Garden Bridge so they decided to team up with the detectives and work together. “When the brothers came back to get us, I was ecstatic. Louie had more of a feeling that he wanted to leave them and go on our own. We work better alone, but I wanted our competition with us. … It would’ve worked had we gotten a little bit more of a break. We’re not going to sit and whine about it afterward. It’s the game,” Michael says.

Although they agreed to work together, Louie was hoping that he and his partner could ditch Dan & Jordan on the way to the bridge. “ I was kind of excited in the cab ride when we were in front, and they got stuck at the light and we lost them. I thought they were going to get lost. I was kind of pumped at that point, but obviously that didn’t happen. It is what it is,” Louie says.

At the end of this week’s episode of The Amazing Race, the detectives and brothers really were neck-and-neck. “I feel we were 10 minutes behind. I spoke to Daniel after. He had a horrendous cab ride as we did. He reacted a little differently to his cab ride. It felt like forever and watching it again, it felt like forever. I want to say 10 — 20 minutes tops. We finished [the Roadblock] right after them. … [The Roadbloack] was just looking for a needle in the haystack. At one point, I was taking everything out of the case and leaving them out, but I was told you couldn’t do that. You had to put them all back,” Michael says.

Earlier this season, Louie & Michael stirred up controversy by U-turning husband and wife team, Joe & Heidi, resulting in their elimination, and later convincing Brent & Caite to U-turn lesbian couple, Carol & Brandy, also leading to their elimination. “[Joe] needs to get over it. I’ll be honest with you. That was the only time on the show that the edit wasn’t 100 percent because I had to talk Louie into U-Turning them. I had my heart set on Joe and Heidi from the beginning….Other people didn’t like him. He was mean to Daniel and Jordan. He needs to get over it. Joe is hung up on Joe,” Michael says. Louie agrees, adding, “He was negative all the time and he was like a Mr. Know-It-All.”

As for Carol & Brandy, the detectives refute the lesbian couple’s argument that the two teams were good friends. “Well, to us, they were just people that we knew. I don’t remember hanging out with them very much — a couple conversations, but I wouldn’t consider that good friends. My definition and theirs are different, I guess. We ended up being real good friends with Jet and Cord, Steve and Allie, Monique and Shawne, Daniel and Jordan, and Brent and Caite. We had longer conversations with them. Maybe [Carol and Brandy] thought we had some, I don’t know,” Michael says. Louie adds, “The cowboys are tough competitors. Everyone’s asking, ‘Why didn’t you target them?’ We just wanted positive people with us at the end. We were so sick of the negative people, it was insane. If any of the other teams beat us and were in the final, we said so be it.”

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