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Dancing With The Stars Interview: Derek Hough

May 04, 2010 10:14 AM by Christine McDow


Finally! The interview we promised you with Dancing with the Stars professional dancer Derek Hough. The first half of this article can be found on our sister site SheKnows. Be sure you go and visit there in order to see the rest of the interview.

SheKnows: How has it been without your sister Julianne Hough there? It is rare that siblings get to work together so I know you appreciate what you had.

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Derek Hough: I definitely miss her. She’s a lot of fun to have around and she’s amazing at what she does. We’ll see, maybe she’ll make an appearance next season, who knows? (We have the scoop!  Click here to read more!)

SheKnows: In terms of your various partners over the years, I know with Nicole this year, some people think that she’s done choreographed dance before, that’s not fair. But, what she does with the Pussycat Dolls and what she’s required to do with ballroom dancing are completely different animals. How is the partner that you are paired with matter when you sit down with them?

Derek Hough: It does matter and it does help. Nicole picks up choreography a little faster than past partners. I think it’s really more about the person and who they are, rather than what their experience is because we spend six to seven hours a day together every single day for 16 weeks straight. I don’t anything else in life where you have to spend that much time with one another.

We both laugh.

Derek Hough: It’s non-stop without one day off. You want to be with somebody that’s nice that you can have fun with and for me; the dancing is secondary to the person. We want to have a good time and have the best experience on the show as possible. That’s my view (laughs).

SheKnows: Chemistry is so important, what you just described is an evolution of chemistry.


Derek Hough: I think chemistry isn’t necessarily something that’s a given. Chemistry is an understanding, a trust and comfort you have with one another. It’s also a likeability factor. I think when you get to know these people and you’re dancing with them, you see them not for what they are or what they’ve done, but who they are as people. That creates the connection that isn’t necessarily romantic, but it’s a connection that is true. You know this person. You know what I mean?

SheKnows: Absolutely.

Derek Hough: It makes it easier to dance with them and get in their space. You can do a highly sexual Rumba with them and not make them feel uncomfortable.

SheKnows: With Dancing with the Stars, you are a professional dancer, pro choreographer, but you can’t watch the show and not see that you have to be also, an astute teacher as well. As a teacher, when you finish a routine, say with Nicole, and she’s just nailed it, how does that feel? You taught something to someone that might as well be a foreign language.

Derek Hough: Absolutely, it is so fantastic. Over the past few seasons, I’ve gotten better at teaching. You learn to be clearer in order to help them. It’s all about experience, teaching. When it does work, and when you see in rehearsal, their eyes light up…and then they do it, you feel good about yourself. You were able to transfer a message and they understood it. It’s very rewarding. It’s a rewarding show in general, it makes you feel good.

SheKnows: Lastly, as someone who has poured their life into the art of dancing, what do you make the show and other shows like it that have put dance back on the pop culture map in a big way?

Derek Hough: I think it’s really important. Dancing is hardcore. The amount of work and strength, blood and sweat put into it is so much more than was ever appreciated. When you look at the entertainment value of people enjoying it, it’s so much better now. When you look at the classics – Gene Kelley and Fred Astaire – those guys are kings. For the younger generations, they’re so amazing. They’re beyond anything I could dream of being as a dancer because their work ethic is so much different because they’ve grown up watching dancing on TV. Dancing is not only their passion, but they also see something they could make a living at. I could make something of myself through dancing.

Remember, there is more to this interview on SheKnows.com.  Go read it now!

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