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The Biggest Loser: Makeover Week!

May 04, 2010 07:45 PM by Lisa Princ


Tonight on The Biggest Loser on NBC, it’s the most exciting week of the season, makeover week! But will their makeovers and shopping sprees deter the contestants from reaching their weight loss goals this week? Find out who gets eliminated this week as we inch closer to the final four!

The remaining six contestants on The Biggest Loser on NBC, are headed for makeover week this week. It’s amazing to see their transformations from when they first showed up at the ranch. This week, both Michael and Daris get their locks chopped off by Jonathan Antin, from Shear Genius. After their makeovers, the contestants are thrilled to be surprised by Ali Sweeney with some of their family members. The family members and the contestants then head over to a special concert that Ali had set up just for them featuring Ashanti.

But after all the fun was over, it was back to business for the contestants of The Biggest Loser on NBC as it was time for their fitness challenge. Jaws started to drop as they walked out to the pool and saw the good ole Jacob’s ladders hanging above the pool. The challenge this week was stay on the ladder as long as possible, with the person remaining the longest gaining a one pound advantage at the weigh in and a one pound disadvantage to the first person to fall off the ladder. Easy enough, right?

It was easy for some of the contestants and not so easy for others. Ashley was the first contestant to fall off the ladder, followed by Michael, who I think just gave up and then Sunshine, Sam until it was only Koli and Daris left. Koli and Daris fought it out on the ladder for 2 and a half hours, when finally Daris gave up and fell off. This did not go over well with Bob Harper who immediately went after Daris upon hearing this to find out why he was having a mental breakdown. After a little time and tough love, Bob Harper was able to get Daris back into full swing to finish his last chance workout with Jillian Michaels and himself.


Now it was weigh in time so let’s see how our contestants fared during this makeover week:

Michael from 343 to 334 (-9)

Daris from 214 to 205 (-9)

Koli from 259 to 244 (-16) *really 15 but he had a one pound advantage

Sunshine from 187 to 178 (-9)

Sam from 240 to 238 (-2)

Ashley from 248 to 238 (-9 ) *really 10 but she had a one pound disadvantage

This meant that the two contestants below the yellow line this week on The Biggest Loser on NBC were both Sam and Michael. Sam told the others that he wanted to stay, while Michael pleaded with the them that he needed to stay. It was a tough decision for the contestants, but no contest in my mind as to whom should be there, my obvious choice would be Michael. They however, were split on the decision and I have to say I knew that Koli would vote for Michael, but I was not expecting Sunshine to vote for Michael also. Ashley and Daris both voted for Sam, leaving the tie breaker up to the weight loss percentage, which Sam lost hands down with only 2 pounds lost.

So it was time to bid farewell for Sam, but it was not sad at all. Sam had already reached his weight loss goal, at the ranch which is a huge feat that no other contestant has ever accomplished before! Sam continues to maintain his healthy lifestyle, and is currently helping his live in girlfriend and former contestant, Stephanie get to her goal weight. I am so happy for both them, what a great ending!

Be sure to tune in next week at 8 pm EST for a brand new episode of The Biggest Loser on NBC. See you after the show!

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