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America’s Next Top Model: Shadow Shoots With Tyra Banks

May 05, 2010 08:53 PM by Nancy Floyd


It’s down to the top 5 girls on cycle 14 of America’s Next Top Model as the ladies strut their stuff in New Zealand and try to earn a spot in the finals. On tonight’s episode, the girls travel to Hobbiton (filming location of Lord of the Rings) for a challenge that cramps their style and later pose in a shadowy photo shoot with photographer Tyra Banks. Keep reading for more details on tonight’s episode and to see which four models are heading to the season finale…

Tonight’s episode of America’s Next Top Model kicks off in the ladies’ temporary digs in New Zealand where they ponder their future. Jessica was terrified to be in the bottom two and vows to look more fierce, Angelea is frustrated with Krista’s good performance, and Alexandra is done trying to be friends with her competitors. In what appears to be an elaborate scheme to prove that they actually eat, Jessica and her fellow models gather around in the kitchen to make tacos. Proving that they, in fact, do not actually eat, the girls have the bright idea to cook taco shells in the toaster. Two words: electrical fire. Why don’t you throw some water on it, Jess? Brilliant. Now it’s out of control. After a great deal of screaming and flailing, the ladies manage to put the fire out and focus on the task at hand: smack talking and trying to look hot.

Tonight’s America’s Next Top Model challenge has something to do with fitting a square peg into a round hole, based on the latest misspelled Tyra mail. On the way to the challenge, Raina is teased by the other girls, but assures viewers she can handle it thanks to her tough skin. Apparently as a child she wasn’t all that cute. Cut to photos from Raina’s childhood. Wow, she wasn’t lying. Being a late bloomer gave her the strength and security she needs to survive another week with the most obnoxious females on the planet. Good for her.

The ladies arrive at Hobbiton, the filming location of Lord of the Rings. Jessica’s inner geek shines through when she has a near meltdown at standing on the hallowed ground where Elijah Wood once donned funny ears and searched for a ring. Or something like that. I have no idea. My inner geek is too cool to ever sit through Lord of the Rings. All of the ladies are thrilled to meet a real-life hobbit (or an actress from the movie…whatevs), except Angelea who has no clue what a hobbit is.


This week’s challenge is all about looking hot while feeling uncomfortable. The girls have to pose for a short photo shoot in a cramped space created for a hobbit. Hobbits are small, apparently. Alexandra poses in MC Hammer pants, Krista’s got some crazy-ass shoulder pads, and Jessica is deemed—gasp!—too commercial yet again. Jay Manuel and the hobbit lady are in charge of judging the competition and they declare Krista the winner. Krista is elated but her former BFF, Angelea, looks like she wants to gouge out her eyes.

The ladies arrive at a New Zealand vineyard and after a brief (and irrelevant) lesson about planting grapes from New Zealand’s newest spokesman, Jay Manuel, the girls learn about their photo shoot….which will be shot by Tyra Banks. Of course it will. I think Tyra learned there was approximately 10 minutes of the show when the camera wasn’t focused directly on her so she figured she’d fill that time by hiring herself as the new photographer. The theme of the shoot will be shadows. Apparently, it’s been Tyra’s lifelong dream to do a shadow shoot. What does that even mean? Don’t these girls spend enough time in Tyra’s shadow as it is? Do they really need to capture it on film?

America's Next Top Model

As the models get ready for the shoot—which involves caking mud into their hair—Jessica frets about not being editorial enough and Angelea hopes to overcome her nerves about being so close to Tyra. After getting covered in wet clay, the girls have various materials (like tablecloths and nets) held over them to cast unusual shadows on their faces and bodies. Meanwhile, Tyra inspires them by rambling nonsensical things to them like, “Think more about danger and what your secrets are. Think about something that you don’t want anyone to know. But you’re about to tell because you feel trust. So you’re about to tell but you’re not sure. But you’re about to tell.“ How’s that for direction?

Despite having a runny nose, Alexandra does amazing in the shoot, but Jessica flounders for a bit. Tyra scolds her for not being ugly enough (say what?) and tells her to “inhale her secret.” Raina was the girl Tyra was most excited to photograph, but the shoot fell flat because she was a “Siberian Husky instead of a wolf.” Angelea’s shoot was “blah,” but Krista’s “cheetah with a secret” look was a big hit.


It’s time for the top five America’s Next Top Model contestants to face Tyra Banks, Nigel Barker, Andre Leon Talley, and guest judge, Hobbit lady/actress Sarah McLeod and review their photos. Alexandra’s photo is interesting and mysterious, Raina’s pic is so-so, Angelea gets mixed reviews, Jessica left the judges wanting more, and Krista’s photo receives high praise. After the judges deliberate, it’s time for Tyra Banks to reveal which four girls will be heading to the season finale. The winner of this week’s photo shoot is Krista, yet again, with the runner-up going to Alexandra. Angelea is called next, leaving Jessica (“too commercial”) and Raina (“lacking edge”) in the bottom two. Not surprisingly, Jessica is sent home, giving Raina a chance to compete in the finals. The real tragedy of this judging panel, in my opinion, is the total lack of full-body shots of Tyra, prohibiting me from knowing if her jumpsuit-wearing streak has continued. In my gut, I feel as though her black, lacey, peek-a-boob top certainly led to pants that were connected. A girl can dream…

Tune in to the two-hour season finale of America’s Next Top Model next Wednesday when the four remaining models duke it out for a chance to shoot a CoverGirl ad and appear in a fashion show before one of them is crowned the winner.

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