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Ghost Hunters: Moving Doors

May 05, 2010 09:08 PM by Ryan Haidet


On tonight’s episode of Ghost Hunters, the TAPS team became the first paranormal group to ever be granted access to Norwich State Hospital located in Preston, Connecticut.  For decades the facility was used to house the criminally insane and since its closing there have been loads of reports of paranormal activity.  During their short stay there, the spook seekers had quite a few interesting experiences including eerie sounds and witnessing small shadows in the distance.

Happy Hunters

After excitedly setting up their equipment at such a well-known haunt, Jason and Grant joined forces and started their investigation.  As they rounded a corner, Jason said he saw a shadow of a small figure turn to the right.  As they walked toward the spot where it happened, they both stopped after hearing the sounds of footsteps.  After staring at each other for a few minutes, Grant spotted a faint light down the hallway in front of them.  After trying to re-create what just happened, they weren’t able to determine anything.

Later they entered the tunnels where they were hearing strange sounds, which they compared to people having a conversation.  But there was nothing audible to the viewer.  As they stopped to listen more closely, they both saw something standing there at the end of the hall.  Again, nothing captured on video or audio even though an entire film crew from SyFy was present.

Dragging Sounds & Closing Doors

Amy and Kris took their investigation to the morgue as they asked the spirits questions during an EVP session.  Suddenly, they heard a sound in the hallway.  As usual, they found no source for the sound.  Later on, they also went into the tunnels before they stumbled upon a hospital portion of the facility.  Within moments the girls heard the sounds of closing doors and dragging noises.  As soon as it happened, the girls spewed a slew of curse words that I’m sure thrilled the SyFy censors.  “It sounded like something was dragging. …  That scared me a little bit.”  Instead of leaving the area, the pair sat down on the floor and decided to hold an EVP session in hopes of catching a bit more.

The Reveal…

They wrapped up the investigation and started analyzing all of the evidence.  During the traditional reveal, Jason and Grant were very thrilled with every experience they had.  Lots of video and audio evidence was captured during their time there.  But the best moment came when Amy and Kris heard the sounds of doors closing around them in the hospital area.  What they didn’t realize at the time is that the door right behind them started to close on its own — and the video camera captured it all.  A pretty cool piece of evidence.

Image courtesy of SyFy.

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  1. lisa Says:
    November 2nd, 2011 at 12:13 pm

    we toured the penhurst asylum on october 22 2011 and it was awesome, we were in the mayflower building, on the second floor in the room with the lockers we seen a light and i snapped a picture and there is somthing in the lockers that resembled a shadowy figure.


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