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Dancing With The Stars: Kate Gosselin To Appear On Finale

May 06, 2010 07:00 AM by Nancy Floyd


Kate Gosselin may have been eliminated from ABC‘s Dancing With the Stars, but she’ll be taking the stage one last time at the season finale. That’s right…the Kate plus 8 star announced on her TLC blog that she will be performing one final dance at the end of this season. Keep reading for more details on Gosselin’s big finale performance and what she misses about dancing…

Kate Gosselin is slated to return to ABC‘s Dancing With the Stars to perform one more dance routine for the season finale, airing May 24th and 25th. The single mother of eight, and star of Kate plus 8, blogged this week about life at home post-Dancing and what she misses most.

“My dance shoes (all six dirty well-used pairs of them ) have begun collecting dust. In the haste of everything, I had left them in the basement on a shelf without another thought,” Gosselin blogs. While playing dress-up with her kids, she says “my eyes landed on my abandoned dance shoes and a wave of sadness mixed with a longing came over me. Ohhhh suddenly I missed EVERYTHING about dancing — not only the friends I have made and stay in touch with almost daily, but also learning the steps and even the fear of sudden death that the dance floor caused me!”

“Without a doubt, Dancing With the Stars was a life-changing experience. I learned many valuable lessons and many things about myself. I had the opportunity to meet an amazing group of people — many of whom I’ll remain friends with long beyond our days of dance. I wouldn’t trade the experience for anything,” Gosselin writes. Fortunately, she’s going to have a chance to return to the Dancing With the Stars stage one last time.

Gosselin blogs, “With all of that said, I think there better be one more dance left in me: Get ready for the DWTS finale on May 24, 25!!! I’ll be there…C’mon, I know you missed my unique dance style!”

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