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Survivor: Heroes Vs Villains — Double Elimination & Double Crossing

May 06, 2010 08:57 PM by Ryan Haidet


Betrayal is becoming the norm on Survivor: Heroes Vs. Villains — as was evident in tonight’s episode when allies on the Villains side turned against each other.  The episode was also jam packed with two Immunity challenges and a pair of separate Tribal Councils.  Find out who was sent packing and which contestant was snuffed out following a tearful dispute.

The Ultimate Hero Vs. The Ultimate Villain

At the Yin Yang camp on day 31, Rupert was having a tough time dealing with Russell and his deceitful ways.  “He could be worse than Jonny Fairplay,” Rupert said in a confessional.  “He is.”  Moments later while sitting around the fire, Rupert told Russell he was a disgusting man.  He couldn’t believe that Russell would swear on his children and turn around and lie to everybody else.  But knowing Russell, he didn’t back down and argued right back.  “You’re such a dumbass, Rupert,” Russell said.



At the first Immunity challenge, the final eight contestants competed in one of my favorite endurance games we’ve seen many times before.  They had to stand barefoot on a small wooden perch while holding their hand above their head.  The twist — as we have seen in previous seasons — is that a bucket of water sits overhead.

After just one minute in the competition, host Jeff Probst came out with a covered item, which was obviously a temptation.  Immediately, Sandra said she wanted it.  Then Russell said he wanted it, too.  They both dropped out and shared a big plate of cookies with a glass of milk.  20 minutes in, Probst brought out four donuts and an iced coffee.  Colby dropped out for that.  35 minutes into the challenge, Probst brought out peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, chips, two glasses of milk and candy.  With that offer, he brought down Danielle, Candice and Jerri.  “I hate you bitches,” Parvati laughed as the trio walked over to chow down.


Not long after, Rupert lost his balance and fell off the perch.  With that, Parvati won the challenge.  Rupert walked over to the bench frustrated with losing his balance.  He felt like that mistake had sealed his fate.

Another Hidden Idol

After the challenge, Probst offered up a twist by reading a clue to the entire group regarding the whereabouts of another hidden Immunity Idol.  The second everybody got back to camp they all started searching for it.  Sandra was the one who found it this time, but it was Rupert who concocted a scheme to convince others he had it.  He did so by putting a rock about the size of the Idol into his pocket and walking into camp acting slightly suspicious.  Believe it or not, Russell bought Rupert’s scheme hook, line and sinker.  He was convinced that Rupert had found the Idol and wanted to split the votes between he and Colby so the Idol would be flushed out and one of them would be eliminated.


The Villain girls had another plan — they wanted to get rid of Candice instead.  At Tribal Council, the votes fell three against Rupert and five against Candice.


Another Immunity Challenge

After Candice was ousted, Russell returned to camp angry that he had let the women convince him to split the votes between Rupert and Candice.  Had they stuck with the original plan, either Rupert or Colby would have been eliminated.

The next day, the final seven contestants arrived at yet another Immunity challenge, which consisted of three rounds.  By the final round, only Russell, Rupert and Parvati remained eligible to win Immunity.  Although it was close, Russell edged out Rupert and won Immunity.

Twisted Tales

Back at camp, Parvati was ready to target Rupert for elimination.  But Russell had a different plan in mind.  He’s had a solid alliance with Parvati since early in the game, but started to feel threatened that his main partner was getting too close to Danielle.  He felt like the two needed to be broken apart.

To get his plan to work, Russell went to both women separately telling them lies about what the other had said about voting them out.  Parvati was stunned and outraged that Danielle would even consider voting against her, so she went and talked to her about it.  That’s when both realized Russell was telling them the same lies.

It didn’t matter.  Russell wasn’t backing down.  He went to Rupert and Colby who each agreed to take out Danielle.  They would be stupid not to.  Jerri suddenly became the swing vote.  She promised both Parvati and Danielle that she wasn’t changing her vote.  She was voting against Rupert.  But shortly before Tribal Council, Russell told Jerri that she would be the next target if she doesn’t vote against Danielle.  He warned her that the women would target her as soon as they had the opportunity.

Tearful Tribal

At Tribal Council, Parvati explained the situation about Russell’s scheming.  Parvati’s assumption was that Russell was working to see who was a loyal ally.  When Danielle chimed in to discuss her thoughts on the situation, she broke down and started to cry.  She was very upset that Russell was trying to break their solid three-way alliance apart.  “We’ve been in an alliance since the beginning,” Danielle said with tears streaming down her cheeks.  But Danielle didn’t stop talking and that’s where I think she dug her own grave.  She openly admitted that she is closer to Parvati than Russell knew, which also showed Jerri that she was definitely on the outside of the group — number four of the Villains alliance.

When it came to the vote, Jerri changed her mind and Danielle was eliminated.

What a wild turn of events this all turned out to be.  Sheesh!


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