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Amazing Race Season Finale: San Francisco Finish Line

May 09, 2010 06:48 PM by Nancy Floyd

The Amazing Race 16

This season of CBS‘ The Amazing Race started out with eleven teams, but on tonight’s season finale it’s down to the top three. The cowboys (Jet & Cord), the dating models (Brent & Caite), and brothers (Dan & Jordan) are racing back to the US in hopes of winning the grand prize of $1 million. Keep reading for all the details on the tight race across San Francisco and which team was crowned the winners…

Tonight’s final leg of CBS‘ The Amazing Race begins in Shanghai, China, but the top three teams are heading out to San Francisco where they’ll finish the competition. Once they arrive in California, they must make their way to Battery Godfrey, a former military outpost. Brent & Caite‘s lead doesn’t last long since all three teams will be traveling on the same flight to Cali-freakin’-fornia (Jordan’s words, not mine). Dan & Jordan are definitely in competition mode, as evidenced by their blatant line-cutting in front of Jet & Cord at the airport. On the flight, they sweet-talk the stewardess and get bumped up to first class, allowing them to be the first off the flights and into the cabs. A smart move that’s certain to pay off.

All three teams race to Battery Godfrey to find their next clue. Dan & Jordan are the first to arrive and find the clue, which offers a riddle about the location of their next location. The riddle leads them to Coit Tower, a 300+ foot structure in San Francisco. Dan & Jordan chase down a local biker to get help with the riddle, while Brent & Caite and Jet & Cord are still searching for Battery Godfrey. Brent & Caite’s cab driver gets lost, allowing the cowboys to pass them and make it to Battery Godfrey first. They solve the riddle in no time due to their genius idea to purchase a San Francisco guidebook at the Shanghai airport. Oh my gravy! Meanwhile, at only 14 minutes into the episode, Brent & Caite start their first screaming match of the night as they aimlessly circle in their cab.


Dan & Jordan are the first to arrive at Coit tower to get details about tonight’s Road Block. One member from each team must climb 120 feet up Coit Tower to retrieve the next clue. Dan is halfway up the tower by the time Jet & Cord arrive. Brent & Caite finally find the location of Battery Godfrey and must solve the riddle. Dan finishes the climb and retrieves the clue before Cord even begins to climb. The next clue is for the teams to find the Yoda fountain which is located at special-effects movie company, Lucasfilm. Dan & Jordan find the fountain in no time and receive the info about their next challenge. Teams must travel through a virtual world at Lucasfilm, while their partner watches on a computer and directs them where to go.

A few stormtroopers lead Dan & Jordan into Lucasfilm to get suited up for the challenge. Back at Coit tower, Jet & Cord complete the Road Block before Brent & Caite even arrive. Jordan gets suited up in a weird motion-sensor suit and communicates with Dan via fancy headsets as Dan directs him through the virtual world. Basically, Dan’s watching a game on his computer screen of which Jordan is the star, and it’s up to Dan to tell Jordan commands like “walk straight,” “three steps to the left,” or “turn around” to get Jordan through the virtual world to the end. It’s like real-life Mario Brothers. Awesome. The brothers have a difficult time communicating and struggle with the challenge at first. Meanwhile, Jet & Cord arrive at Lucasfilm and get suited up for the activity as well. While Cord waits for Jet to get dressed, he decides to mess with Dan & Jordan. Sitting next to Dan, Cord starts yelling fake commands to confuse the other team, increasing the tension between these two.

The Amazing Race 16

Brent & Caite finally arrive at Coit Tower and Brent begins the climb, as Dan & Jordan finish up their virtual tour at Lucasfilm. When Jordan finally arrives to the “finish,” the clue begins whizzing back and forth across the screen, too fast for Dan to read. Jordan must spin in circles in order for the words to slow down enough for Dan to read them. Meanwhile, Jet & Cord can’t finish the task because Jordan is in Jet’s way. Jet nudges Jordan out a bit so that he can get to level two, minutes before Dan & Jordan decipher the clue and finish the task altogether. Their next stop? A tiki bar called The Tonga Room.

Brent & Caite arrive at Lucasfilm just as Dan & Jordan are leaving and Jet & Cord are trying to read the clue. Caite dons the suit and Brent takes the role of director, leading her through the virtual world. Surprisingly, these dating models who typically suck at all forms of communication, get through the virtual world effortlessly. Dan & Jordan are able to get a considerably lead when Jet & Cord struggle with figuring out how to read the clue. Dan & Jordan arrive at the Tonga Room and find their next clue, in the form of a giant trunk. It has a sticker on it that says The Great American Music Hall which is the location of their next challenge. Jet & Cord finally realize they need to spin to read the clue, just as Brent & Caite are also finishing the task putting the two teams neck-and-neck. Moments after getting into the cab, Caite realizes she forgot their money forcing her & Brent to turn around. As you can imagine, this goes over wonderfully with the quick-tempered Brent.

The Amazing Race 16

Dan & Jordan race through the streets of San Francisco carrying their huge trunk, looking for the Great American Music Hall. Their lead shrinks as Jet & Cord arrive quickly at the Tonga Room and set off to the music hall as well. Dan & Jordan are the first to arrive at the hall and get the details on the next challenge. Inside the trunk are 11 psychedelic posters representing the 8 previously eliminated Amazing Race teams and the three non-elimination legs of the race. Each team must organize their posters in order of this season’s elimination before moving on to the final location (and the grand prize). As a huge fan of The Amazing Race, Jordan thought a challenge of this type might be coming so he took notes all season long, marking the order of each elimination. The brothers fly through the challenge, get it right on the first attempt, and receive their final clue, another riddle. It doesn’t take them long to realize the location of tonight’s Pit Stop is Candlestick Park, the 49ers’ stadium.


Dan & Jordan race through the streets trying to find a cab as Jet & Cord arrive at the music hall and start the poster challenge. The cowboys fly through the challenge as well, as Dan & Jordan still struggle to find a cab. Both teams find a taxi and race to Candlestick park. Dan & Jordan are the first to arrive and find The Amazing Race host, Phil Keoghan, and the previously eliminated teams awaiting for them to congratulate them on their victory. They’re now $1 million richer and closer than ever. Jet & Cord arrive shortly thereafter, finishing in second, and are grateful to have their integrity and their strong relationship. Brent & Caite finish in third and receive a rather chilly welcome from Carol & Brandy who start yelling at them about not wanting an apology. I don’t know about you, but I’m certainly glad to see they aren’t bitter.

That wraps up season 16 of CBS‘ The Amazing Race! Are you happy that Dan & Jordan won? Who were you rooting for? Stop by our Reality TV message boards to discuss the highs and lows of this season.

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