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Starkweather Family, Sheryl Crowe, Sara McLaughlan, and Miranda Lambert!

May 09, 2010 06:00 PM by Candace Young


Tonight on Extreme Makeover Home Edition on ABC, Ty Pennington and the Design Team head to Tulsa, Oklahoma to construct a new home for the Starkweather family.  Toen and Amy Starkweather have a special son, nine year-old Ethan, who suffers from Prader-Willi syndrome. In spite of his own issues, Ethan wants to raise awareness and help other children’s wishes come true! Sheryl Crowe, Miranda Lambert, and Sara McLaughlan appear on this episode. Read on…

Prader-Willi syndrome causes extreme and constant hunger. Amy shows Ty the locked cupboards and fridge, explaining that Ethan can never be left alone or he could eat himself to death. Heartrendingly, Amy is put in the position of hearing her child cry with hunger and she can’t feed him.  Amazingly, Ethan has not only surpassed the doctors predictions for his own limitations, but is determined to help other kids.

The Starkweather family is sent on vacation to Walt Disney World, and Ty, the Design Team, Simmons Builders, and the volunteers turn their attention to the challenge of tearing down and building up in the snow!


Once things get underway on the new house, Eduardo tells Paul that he is making a bed for eldest son, Jared, using drum sticks. A young girl, Callie London , who has cystic fibrosis, comes through the Make-a-Wish Foundation to help design Ethan’s room. Paige is working on an ‘up in the air’ themed room for middle son, Ryan, at an airplane hangar!

Ty gets in touch with the family in Walt Disney World and has them open the gift he sent with them – they get to go to the aquarium at Epcot and scuba dive! Back at the homestead, Miranda Lambert and Sheryl Crowe are gamely mudding bricks ! Callie and Paul are admiring the progress in Ethan’s sea themed room, and a separate entertainment room is being completed for the big brothers. Eduardo shows off a pantry with coded keypad for storing food!

Everyone helps move furniture into the new home. Sheryl Crowe says she is proud to be part of giving back something that will last a lifetime. The Starkweather family is brought back early to take part in an auction to raise money for the Make-a-Wish Foundation. Sara McLaughlan talks to Ethan via video to tell him that when Lilith Fair comes to his part of the country this summer, the proceeds will go to his cause! Also, Ford donates two vehicles – one for the auction, and one for the family!


‘Move that bus’ time arrives, and the crowd chants enthusiastically. Amy Starkweather screams emotionally as she sees the new home! She declares their whole life is different! They thank the builders from Simmons, who tell them their good friend, Mike Case, has decided to tear their mortgage up! Amy and Toen are overwhelmed at this news. The Starkweathers get to meet Sheryl Crowe and Miranda Lambert, and to thank them for helping out.

Inside, Amy is reduced to tears again as they see the new interior, and particularly the key-lock cabinets and safe room in the kitchen. Amy has to ask for a minute as she becomes so emotional.

Upstairs, the boys check out their new rooms. Ryan loves his aeronautical theme, and Jared is thrilled with his drum theme! Ty comes in for an impromptu jam, and then shows the boys their ‘dude lounge’.  Ethan and his parents go to see his aquarium room – he is tickled! He is then taken to see his physiotherapy room  which has been equipped courtesy of CVS Pharmacy.  But that’s not all, Ethan also receives ‘Cotton’, an aid dog!  Last, Amy and Toen get to see their retreat of a master bedroom, from which they can monitor Ethan.


Sheryl Crowe and Miranda Lambert serenade that family on acoustic guitars, and then Ty welcomes the Starkweather family home! Happy Mother’s Day!

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Photos Courtesy: ABC, KTUL-TV

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