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Survivor: Heroes Vs Villains — Candice Regrets Donut Decision

May 10, 2010 09:00 AM by Ryan Haidet


One of the biggest surprises as far as casting was concerned this season on Survivor: Heroes Vs. Villains, Candice Woodcock made it deep into the jury before her torch was snuffed.  In a conference call with reporters, Candice discussed her regrets, who annoyed her the most and why she flipped to the Villains’ side.


Question: You bailed out for donuts in the Immunity challenge, do you regret that now?

Candice Woodcock: Well, I have to correct you and say that I didn’t bail out just for food.  There was definitely strategy behind it.  But yes, I regret it.  It’s so stupid to step down at an Immunity challenge.  I was so stupid to believe that this far in the game and with the people I was playing with that I was safe.  Clearly I didn’t learn from experience because even if I thought for sure it was Rupert going at that point, every other time the vote changed three, four or five times before Tribal Council.  I just wasn’t thinking.  I was thinking, “Let me keep my head down.  I don’t want to be a target and a threat.” …  I think I was just really excited at the idea of Rupert going home because I was so annoyed with him.


Question: Would you change anything about the way you played this season?

Candice: If I could go back, definitely.  I wouldn’t have flipped and gone with the Villains if I had known how set Sandra was on staying with the Heroes.


Question: Do you think you would have flipped to Russell’s side had you seen his gameplay in Samoa?

Candice: Before I flipped to the Villains I knew that Russell was a liar.  I knew that he would say anything and that he would go however far to make you believe whatever he was saying.  I didn’t trust him, but I did believe that he wanted to get rid of Parvati.  I thought it was in his best interest to get rid of her because I didn’t think that it was smart for him to take her to the end.  So I did believe him when he said to me that he wanted to get rid of Parvati.  I thought I could use that information and tell Parvati that Russell was targeting her.  Then we could get rid of Russell.  I didn’t flip to be with Russell because I thought he was such a great guy, that was not the reason I flipped.


Question: Do you think the game would have been different if you guys would have voted out Colby before Tom?

Candice: I don’t think it would have been better for the team.  I personally wanted to keep Tom so badly.  I love Tom.  I think he’s great.  I wanted to play with him.  I think he’s so much better than most of the people that stayed.  But at the same time, Rupert wanted nothing to do with Tom.  I think that Rupert was very threatened by Tom’s popularity.  I think that Rupert wanted Tom gone because Rupert was set on being Mr. Survivor.  He was so into his character, and I think that caused a lot of tension around camp.

Amanda wanted nothing to do with Tom because he had targeted her for several votes.  I worked really hard on Amanda trying to get her to see the light that Tom is not a bad guy.  I understand her frustration with him.  If somebody was targeting me time after time, I wouldn’t feel too good about them either.  For me, it would’ve been much better to have Tom there, but for the team to be a cohesive unit, I don’t think that we would’ve gone on the winning streak that we did if Tom had stayed.  I think we still would have had a whole lot of internal issues.


Question: Is there anything we haven’t seen on the show that would surprise us viewers?

Candice: I wish they showed a little more of the tension around the Heroes camp and the way JT and Rupert were guarding the food.  In my mind it got to be so misogynistic.  They were set on voting the women out.  They were so scared there was a women’s alliance.  They basically made it so that me and Amanda were kind of stuck in camp.  We were like the stepsisters doing the dishes and doing their laundry.  It was ridiculous.  My head was about to explode.


Question: Which did you enjoy more, this or your original season in the Cook Islands?

Candice: I think they were very different for me.  This season was so much more fast paced.  I think personally on my tribe they kind of made me miserable because they didn’t want to play with me to begin with.  I was alone and didn’t really have anybody to talk to.  But at the same time it has been definitely more enjoyable to watch back.  I think it’s been a crazy season and there have been people that I’ve always been a fan of and enjoyed watching.  I think that overall, as an experience, I’ve enjoyed this season more.


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