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Amazing Race Winners, Dan & Jordan, Discuss Their Victory

May 11, 2010 11:00 AM by Nancy Floyd


Brothers Dan & Jordan Pious secured an early lead on Sunday night’s season finale of CBS‘ The Amazing Race (thanks to a generous stewardess and a brilliant request that landed them in first-class) and managed to hold on to first place all the way to the finish line. By keeping their cool through almost every tense situation and staying on good terms with their fellow competitors, Dan & Jordan played the game well and are $1 million richer as a result. The brothers open up about their experience, their relationship, and their final flawless performance…

Dan & Jordan Pious managed to win it all on the season finale of CBS‘ The Amazing Race, despite spending almost the entire season in the middle of the pack. Jordan, a diehard fan of The Amazing Race, felt that he and his brother had an advantage all along, but wasn’t too confident they’d win the grand prize. “I’d watched 15 seasons and I think it’s safe to say that the younger and more physically fit your team is, the better chances you have to win. At 23 and 25 and with my brother being as athletic as he is, we thought we had a good chance going into it. But at the end of the day, even though it’s a little cliché, every single one of those teams had an equal shot of winning,” Jordan says.

On Sunday’s season finale of CBS‘ The Amazing Race, fans witnessed a nearly flawless performance from Dan & Jordan. The teams especially earned their victory with the genius idea (and blessed good favor) that landed them in first-class during their flight from China to the U.S. and Jordan’s meticulous note-taking which led to a quick completion of their final challenge. “In that clip, I had the biggest smile on my face because I knew how big of a coup that was,” Jordan says about their lucky chance to move up to first class. “And to clarify, you can’t buy first-class tickets but there’s no rule that you can’t befriend a flight attendant and get upgraded for free.” Dan adds, “Special love to Karen from US Airways.”

As for the final challenge (which was a memory-based activity that required the teams to put pictures of the previously eliminated teams in order of their departure), Dan & Jordan whizzed through it, thanks to Jordan’s idea to take notes all season long. “Jordan wrote the most meticulous, organized, neat, highlighted notes. You haven’t seen notes like this in a Harvard class. The challenge turned out to be fairly easy, but even if it’d been the hardest memory challenge in Race history, we had the notes to bang it out,” Dan says. Jordan had the idea because of similar challenges on past seasons of The Amazing Race. “I studied on the plane because nine times out of 10, they have a memory challenge. I made sure I knew where all of the information was and I’d put the elimination order in a highlighted box. You have no idea how excited I was when I read that clue and realized taking notes paid off,” Jordan says.

The only thing Dan & Jordan regret about their final leg of the race is cutting in front of cowboys Jet & Cord at their airport in China. “We shouldn’t have done it. It had zero impact on the game and made us look bad,” Dan says. Jordan agrees, saying, “Because there was no benefit, I wish we hadn’t. But I stand by that choice because I wanted this more than anything. If only two teams had gotten on that plane, we’d be geniuses. Rich … geniuses!”

In addition to winning the $1 million grand prize (which they plan to save and invest), Dan & Jordan are grateful for the impact The Amazing Race had on their relationship. “It made me feel so fortunate to have a big brother and best friend like Dan. It was a big asset because we’d already had every argument under the sun. The edit and the fan reaction have shown us how special our relationship is,” Jordan says.

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