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Survivor: Heroes Vs Villains — Danielle’s Demise

May 11, 2010 10:00 AM by Ryan Haidet


She made a deal with Survivor’s devil — Russell Hantz — and it was his dastardly strategy that led to her demise.  Danielle DiLorenzo was the latest contestant to have her torch snuffed on Survivor: Heroes Vs. Villains after Russell was able to sway enough people to vote against her.  In a conference call with reporters, Danielle revealed all about her experience on the show.  She talked about her final Tribal Council, weighed in on Jerri and talked about her loyalty to Parvati.

Question: Were you scared going into Tribal Council or did you know you were getting voted out?

Danielle DiLorenzo: I really thought at that point, because I spent that entire day (Parvati and I) persuading Russell that everything was good with us.  Solid.  Whatever is going through his mind, we were convincing him otherwise.  We really did convince him to vote off Rupert, we were going to split the vote.  So going into Tribal Council I really did feel safe.  But as Tribal Council evolved and as things happened and I started to get emotional, I just said some things I shouldn’t have said. …


I figured out of anybody that Jerri (to flip) would be the one because I knew Sandra and Parvati wouldn’t turn on me.  Jerri was like his (Russell’s) little puppy.  She just basically did whatever he told her to.  That wasn’t a surprise to me, but I was just kind of taken aback because I really thought that we could have gotten rid of him next.  That was the plan, and if Jerri wouldn’t have done that, it would have been an interesting thing to see what would have happened.

Question: Do you think Jerri had decided to vote against you before going to Tribal Council?

Danielle: I don’t think going in that she was going to vote me.  I think I swayed her to change her vote.


Question: Did you realize at Tribal Council that you might have been digging your own grave.

Danielle: Yeah, I did.  But at that point, there was just so much buildup from that entire day that I was just literally, mentally exhausted.  And physically just — I had gone through a lot that day trying to defend myself and manipulate Russell to push his vote back and not vote me off.  I was trying to defend myself to Parvati and let her know that I’m loyal to her.  Then defend myself to Sandra and let her know that I’m not gonna go with Colby, because for a minute they thought I was gonna align with Colby.  It was just like a full day of mental chaos. …


Finally I felt like I was OK, that everything was fine.  Then once Jeff started asking me questions I could feel the emotions coming up.  I could feel the tears welling up.  When Russell started talking about how I was going to turn on Parvati, I just lost it.  I was like, “You’re such a liar.  You lie so bad.”  It hurt me.  It was offensive.  I was taken aback by it.  I know it’s part of the game, but I’m human and I felt close to Parvati.  I felt a loyalty to her and I was upset that Russell was trying to make her feel like I was going to be disloyal to her.


Question: What has surprised you the most watching this season?

Danielle: I was actually surprised at Sandra.  I was surprised at the little side conversations that she was having and the strategy that she was using when I didn’t think she was playing that much.  So that was interesting for me to see her conversations with Colby, Candice and Rupert.


Question: Would you change anything about the way you played?

Danielle: It’s so hard because what happened to me — I was being human.  I have emotions and a heart and feelings.  As much as you try to keep all of that out when you’re playing this game it seeps through.  I showed some humanity and part of me is like, “Oh why didn’t I just hold it together?”  But then it’s like, “I’m so strong minded.”  Russell was so controlling and so not like any man that I could ever be with or even be friends with because he is just so ridiculous.  For me to have kept my mouth shut for that long was impressive, because I wanted to like strangle him early on in the game (laughs).  I aligned with him on day 1 and I wanted to stay solid until I felt the time was right to get him voted off.  But obviously that time didn’t come.  I could say all day long that I wish I didn’t open my mouth, and I do.  I wish I didn’t.  But part of me is proud.


Question: Did you have more fun this time or the first time you played in Panama?

Danielle: The first time I played was completely different as far as the level of intensity and the players that played.  This time around it was so intense and everyone was playing the game so hard that I liked this season better because it was so much more challenging.  I had already played the game once and I knew kind of what to expect so it made it more fun for me to get into the game deeper because I already knew how to play.


Images courtesy of CBS.

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