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American Idol Survival Guide – 6 Tips for the Top 12

May 12, 2010 09:53 AM by Vaughn Alaine-Marshall


American Idol super stardom is upon you. Your dream of becoming a pop star is within reach. You brought your A-Game to the group eliminations and blew the competition away during the boy/girl weeks. Your talents are about to be showcased in front of millions. This is your time.

You don’t have to win to make it big. In fact, winning is not always a good thing. All you need is enough time in the spotlight to jump start your career. This will be a hard task as you’re battling not only the other contestants and trying to impress the judges, but also the producers who decide how you are going to be perceived by the millions watching on their television sets. This is a competition in itself. One you must win.

However, if you follow the American Idol Survival Guide you will stay alive long enough to land that big record deal.

1. If You’ve Got It, Flaunt It

For girls this means treading the fine line between sexy and trashy. Looks cannot overshadow your voice. Guys, cute eyes are a must, but do not give an inordinate amount of attention to your hair.

2. Be Prepared to Sing Outside of Your Genre

As unreasonable as this request is (do you think Billy Joel is ever made to sing Britney Spears?) if you’re going to survive you must be versatile.

3. Pay Attention to Performance Order

If they put you in the middle, you’re in trouble. And if they put you at the beginning, you’re chances of elimination are 50% higher. In large groups, human memory has a natural bias against places that follow a multiple of three (i.e., the fourth and seventh spots). This is of significance following an especially strong performance.

4. The Pimp Spot

Do anything in your power to get it. You’re in showbiz now. Find the producer responsible for the performance order and make it happen.

5. Pay Attention to the Judge’s Comments

And then ignore them. Unless it is something you truly know to be accurate, they are trying to manipulate you and boost ratings.

6. Request Input to Lighting Set-Up

A simple blue light for the duration of a performance will kill you. While a thousand light changes amplifies your performance and can cover for the occasional error.

Now there are no more excuses. It is now time to show America what you are made of. You’ve got the looks, the voice, and now the strategy to become our next singing superstar. Now the question is, how long will you last…

About the author: Vaughn Alaine-Marshall is a reality-television expert and author. Ãœberstar, Vaughn’s debut novel, is a ground-breaking exposé of reality-television as told by insider sources from the world’s biggest reality shows. Ãœberstar is the Devil Wears Prada of reality-television. For more information go to www.uberstarthebook.com.

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