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America’s Next Top Model Season Finale: And The Winner Is…

May 12, 2010 07:41 PM by Nancy Floyd

America's Next Top Model

It’s down to the final four fierce competitors on America’s Next Top Model: Krista, Alexandra, Raina, and Angelea. On tonight’s two-hour season finale, the cycle 14 winner will be announced, but first the girls must compete in an “ugly” photo shoot, outlandish fashion show, and pose for CoverGirl. Which girl will be crowned America’s Next Top Model? Keep reading to find out…

Tonight’s season finale ofAmerica’s Next Top Model starts out with the four remaining ladies hanging out at their New Zealand penthouse and ruminating on why they deserve to be crowned the winner. Alexandra deserves it because she’s a plus-size model which means she has a great personality (her words, not mine). Raina–or Captain Sunshine as she should be known–thinks she’s the gal most worthy because of her ability to overcome insecurities and not let the competition get her down. Angelea’s too busy whining about Krista winning again to plead her case and Krista’s too buys rejoicing over her win. How about we visit with Andre Leon Talley instead?

America's Next Top Model

The King of Drecktitude (I still don’t know what that means, by the way) shows up to the penthouse, armed with flowers for each of the four finalists, and sits down for a chat with them about the fashion world. This basically turns into a five-minute PSA about the fabulous life of Andre Leon Talley. Boring. The best part is when he opens the floor for questions and Krista asks what drecktitude means. Thank you, Krista, for finally doing something worthwhile. Turns out drecktitude means dreadful. Yeah, I would’ve guessed that

Andre Leon Talley’s inspiring powwow prompts Angelea to finally tell us why she deserves to be America’s Next Top Model: because she’s just like Andre and has to fight for her dreams. I think it has something to do with living in the ghetto and sleeping in a bus station. Who knows? My ears stop working in protest whenever Angelea comes on screen.

America's Next Top Model

Time for some Tyra Mail!! The ladies pack their bags and are headed to their first photo shoot of the episode in Queenstown. While in the air, a particularly effeminate flight attendant comes on the intercom…it’s Miss Jay. It turns out the ladies are in for a little challenge tonight. Since top models (like Boy Scouts) need to always be prepared, how about we have a little runway challenge down the aisle of the airplane? It makes perfect sense. Models need to be able to walk fierce in rain, shine, turbulence, or sudden change in cabin pressure.

Like a well-trained Tyra clone, Alexandra is prepared for this challenge with high heels in her purse. Angelea, on the other hand, only has one high heel with her. Umm…how does only one shoe make it into your carry-on? During the challenge, Alexandra tries to work it down the plane aisle, stopping to grab sunglasses from a random stranger and pausing at the end of aisle to signal to the exits. Krista manages to have fun down the aisle, but Angelea hobbles like a gimp on her one-heeled foot. Raina’s runway walk was a bit of a snoozefest and Jay calls her double turn “so 1982.” Oh my gosh….how totally embarrassing! All of my runway walks are vintage 1981. The two Jays deem Krista the winner of the airplane runway challenge of 2010.

America's Next Top Model

The ladies finally arrive in the breathtaking city of Queenstown for tonight’s first photo shoot. The theme? Ugly/Pretty. The landscape will be playing the role of “pretty” with the aspiring models cast in the the role of “ugly.” For a show focused on trying to find women to fill a profession based solely on being attractive, America’s Next Top Model seems to put a whole lot of emphasis on the importance of ugliness. Jay Manuel drops the shocking bomb that after tonight’s shoot, two girls will be eliminated. Oh, the horror!!

America's Next Top Model

The girls are dressed up in old-fashioned attire, complete with corsets, with teased out hair and black lipstick for the shoot. Krista is the first one to be photographed and, not surprisingly, she does phenomenal. From her first shot, Jay is blown away with her awkward and ugly poses. Alexandra is up next and she isn’t quite as strong as Krista. Halfway into the shoot, she takes Jay’s advice and starts getting uglier. Which turns out to be a good thing, in this case.

Raina is up next, but doesn’t do nearly as well. As Jay informs her before the shoot, her weakness is finding the ability to step out of the box. She does great in photo shoots that require her to be soft, pretty, and glamourous, but when she’s forced to be awkward, ugly, or angry, she falters. Tonight’s shoot proves that all the more as she struggles to find the pretty in the ugly. I’m still so confused. What does that even mean? Angelea is the last girl to be photographed tonight and she falls flat as well. Jay feels that there’s a blankness in her eyes and she isn’t able to be ugly and pretty at the same time. Um, yeah, ya think?

America's Next Top Model

It’s time for the top four girls to face the judges and find out which two will be competing for the title of America’s Next Top Model. Tyra Banks makes me proud with yet another jumpsuit as she joins fellow judges Nigel Barker, Andre Leon Talley, and Jay Manuel. Raina is the first to face the judging panel and her photo gets mixed reviews. Her photo is considered gorgeous, but that sorta wasn’t the point. Angelea is up next and she also gets mixed reviews. Tyra thinks she looks haunting, but Jay is disappointed and think she didn’t understand the concept. Krista receives high praise from all four judges. Tyra Banks says she looks like she could be a dude in the picture, but apparently that is a great compliment. Andre Leon Talley is moved to tears by the brilliance of Krista’s work. Last to face the judges is Alexandra. More mixed reviews. Tyra loves it, Andre isn’t impressed, and Jay thinks she had a hard time finding the balance between Ugly-Pretty and Ugly-Ugly.

After the judges deliberate, it’s time to find out which two girls will be competing in an Anna Sui fashion show to win the title of America’s Next Top Model. Krista is the first girl to move on to the finals. No big shock there. The other girl joining her will be…drum roll please…Raina. Alexandra and Angelea are sent packing after a brief pep talk from Tyra. Angelea takes a moment to do her Hammer dance on the way out the door. That’s an image I won’t soon forget.

America's Next Top Model

Raina and Krista are thrilled to make it to the top two and have the finish line in sight. The ladies board a helicopter and are taken to Rakino Island, their temporary lodging for the night. Shortly after the ladies arrive at the posh resort, Miss Jay shows up with their scripts for the upcoming CoverGirl commercial. The girls freak out and get to studying. I hope 12 hours is enough time to remember four or five lines. The next morning, Jay Manuel shows up with cycle 13 winner, Nicole, in tow. Nicole could’ve used a bit more time to remember her lines because she sounds like a fembot as she instructs Krista and Raina to “act natural and have fun.”

Krista and Raina have to do a print ad and the commercial for CoverGirl. Raina’s photo shoot is first and according to the photographer, she nails it. Krista’s the first girl to film the CoverGirl commercial and shows that 12 hours wasn’t enough time to remember her lines. She totally chokes and does take after take as she struggles with her words. After seven takes, Krista asks for the dreaded cue cards. Despite the fact that she messes up, Jay is impressed with Krista’s ability to stay upbeat and laugh off her mistakes. Fortunately for Krista, her photo shoot goes much better, although the photographer doesn’t seem quite as impressed with her as he was with Raina. Raina’s commercial shoot is next and she fumbles a bit too. She, at least, manages to get through the lines, but her performances falls flat and comes off as a bit unbelievable. Apparently, Raina can’t model and speak at the same time.

The next day, Raina and Krista meet up with Nigel Barker for a Seventeen magazine photo shoot. The winner of America’s Next Top Model will have her photo on the cover of the magazine. After the ladies finish with the quick shoot, they find Tyra Banks (in another jumpsuit!!) setting up cameras in their house for a family portrait. No family portrait would be complete without families, of course, so you can imagine Krista and Raina’s surprise to see their parents come down the stairs. Tyra Banks directs them all in a quick photo shoot and sends their families packing.

Next up, it’s time for Raina and Krista to compete in the Anna Sui fashion show at the Auckland Museum. Joining them on the runway are their former America’s Next Top Model competitors, Angelea, Alexandra, Alasia, and Jessica. The show begins and it’s time for the girls to strut their stuff on the catwalk, alongside circus performers. Literally. There are jugglers, hula hoopers, and ribbon twirlers out there. Both girls are fun, flirty, and energetic on the runway and seem to wow the judges. Backstage, Tyra Banks chats with each girl for a minute and asks why they deserve to be America’s Next Top Model.

It’s time for the girls to face the judges to find out who will be the winner. The girl who wins America’s Next Top Model will walk away with a contract with Wilhemina models, a cover and six-page spread in Seventeen magazine, and $100,000 modeling contract with Covergirl. The judges review the footage of the girls’ runway walk at the fashion show, their CoverGirl print ad, and their CoverGirl commercial. All in all, both girls receive mixed reviews from the judges, some opting for Krista’s performance, others preferring Raina. During the deliberation, the judges really seem torn between the two ladies. Nigel Barker thinks Krista’s a better model with her body, but Raina’s better with with her face. Andre Leon Talley thinks Raina would be more successful in the U.S., but Krista would do better internationally. Miss Jay thinks Krista would do better in fashion shows, but Rainawould be better in print. It looks the vote is going to fall to the jumpsuit-wearing ninja known as Tyra Banks. The girls return to the judging panel to find out the news. America’s Next Top Model is….Krista! Krista is moved to tears, overwhelmed and thrilled by the news.

America's Next Top Model

What did you think of cycle 14 of America’s Next Top Model? Who were you rooting for? Do you think the right girl won?

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