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Amazing Race: Brent & Caite Talk About Finishing In Third

May 13, 2010 11:00 AM by Nancy Floyd


Whether you loved or hated them, Brent & Caite certainly seemed to be one of the most talked about teams on this season of CBS‘ The Amazing Race. The former Miss Teen South Carolina (who, before the Race, was most famous for butchering her answer to a pageant question about geography and using the terms “such as” and “the Iraq”) and her model boyfriend finished in third place, but not without stirring up their share of drama and controversy first. The dating couple speaks out about their rivals, Carol & Brandy, the other competition, whether or not Caite’s really homophobic, and what’s next for them…

Brent & Caite, the dating models, weren’t exactly known for their superior intellect on this season of CBS‘ The Amazing Race, but they still managed to make it to the finals and make some enemies along the way. The couple finished in third place (behind winning brothers Dan & Jordan and second-place finishers, cowboys Jet & Cord), but their feelings of pride and accomplishment were short-lived when their rivals, lesbian couple Carol & Brandy, took the opportunity to bash them at the finish line. The reason for their complaints? One of Brent & Caite‘s most talked about moves this season on The Amazing Race was to U-turn the lesbian couple which ultimately resulted in their elimination. Carol & Brandy are not quick to forgive and forget, and used the opportunity to call the models stupid and homophobic.

“[Carol & Brandy] need to get over the U-Turn and grow up. It’s a game and it was over,” Caite says. “But it’s just like them to complain since that’s what they did the whole Race.” Caite further explains her decision to U-turn the lesbian team, a choice that she claims was motivated more by their negative attitudes than sexual preferences. “On the first day, I introduced myself. I held out my hand, and they just stared as if I was a piece of crap. Right then, I knew that they weren’t going to be the nicest people. Then, they made the comment to my face. The thing is that I do joke about the answer — I’m totally fine with it. You think nobody’s joked with me the past three years? But they continually said rude comments to us,” she says. “They were rude to other teams. The only people they were somewhat nice to were Jordan and Dan, and that was because the boys were terrified of them.”

Caite also takes the opportunity to clear the air regarding accusations of her being homophobic. “I have zero problem with them being lesbians. I am not homophobic. Some of my closest friends are gays and lesbians. Jordan is gay, and we’re friends. I have a problem with them as people. I tried to be nice and win them over, but I was never able to. They were rude and always complained, and we were sick of it,” she says.

Brent echoes Caite’s sentiment about their decision to U-turn the lesbian couple over another team, saying, “You want to take down the person who’s a complete brat or punk. If you’re going to lose, you don’t mind losing to someone who carries themselves with class or is a friend — which is what the other three teams were to us. Not that the Race is about making friends, but relationship-wise, we grew with everyone else and felt the cowboys deserved to be there over them. Brandy and Carol, going into that leg, made some extremely rude comments and were just complete bitches.”

Brent & Caite may not have won The Amazing Race‘s $1 million grand prize, but the couple has some promising things ahead. “I’ve been living in L.A. for a year now. I’m shooting for Maxim on Wednesday. I just booked a couple of national commercials, so be looking for me!” Caite says. Brent, on the other hand, is going to lay low for awhile to recover from an injury. “I’m back in South Carolina. I’m getting ready to have shoulder surgery on Wednesday. I kind of tweaked my shoulder before the Race … and being on the Race really aggravated it. When I got home, I found out I had torn cartilage, so I’m having that repaired. I can’t do anything, really, for three months, so I have to stick around here until I’m done with physical therapy,” he says.

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