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Survivor: Heroes Vs Villains — Camp Is Gettin’ Crazy

May 13, 2010 08:58 PM by Ryan Haidet


It’s hard to believe, but Survivor: Heroes Vs. Villains is quickly winding down.  The finale arrives this coming Sunday when another $1 million winner is crowned.  Amazing to think it’s nearly done.  With that said, tonight’s episode was the perfect prelude to the big battle I’m hoping to see on Sunday.  The stage has been set as allies square off against one another to stay alive.

After Russell turned on his own and voted out Danielle, Rupert was thrilled with being spared yet again.  But not everybody was happy.  Jerri told Parvati that Russell had been threatening her and that’s why she voted against Danielle.  Parvati thought the whole situation was proof that Russell was jealous of the relationship she had with Danielle.


A Message From Home

Day 34 they received tree mail that had a cell phone inside.  After reading a text message regarding the upcoming challenge, they checked the videos and had special messages from their loved ones.  Those loved ones just so happened to be their partners for the Reward challenge.  Russell and Rupert had their wives, Colby had his brother, Jerri had her sister, Parvati had her father and Sandra had her uncle.  As usual, the moments in which everybody embraced were filled with tears.  I’m not going to lie — I am a huge fan of these moments on the show.  But something just felt different this time.  I didn’t feel any emotional connection that I typically do.  Not sure why, but it just didn’t have the same strike to the gut.

The concept of the challenge was simple — the Survivors had to run to the ocean to fill up a bucket.  They then had to toss that water over to their loved one’s bucket.  The first pair to fill their bucket would win Reward of burgers, soft drinks and time at the blow holes — a natural occurrence along the Samoan shores.  The winning group would also get to record their time together on the phone.

Dumb Decisions

It was a close race between Russell, Jerri and Rupert the whole time.  Colby was doing terrible the entire competition as he blamed all of the troubles on his big brother.  It didn’t matter much, though because Jerri took the prize.  She had the option to choose one player and their family member to join them on the Reward.  Russell asked her to take him, but Jerri ignored that request and picked Parvati instead.  Then Jerri asked host Jeff Probst if she could take another couple on the Reward, and he said yes.  Without hesitation, Jerri chose Sandra.  Wow.  What a major stab at Russell.  “She’s in trouble now,” Russell said quietly to his wife.


Samoan Fireworks

The three pairs joined together and watched the awesome blow holes as they shot ocean water up extremely high in the air.  They tossed coconuts into the holes and watched the water skyrocket them way into the air.  After their “Samoan fireworks” they all sat down for their picnic.  As they chowed down, Jerri started voicing her concerns about Russell being angry with her over her Reward decisions.  But Parvati and Sandra promised to protect her.

Back at camp, Russell was furious and ranting about Jerri’s decision.  He was upset that he had saved both she and Parvati earlier in the game.  “These girls are a bunch of unappreciative little bitches,” Russell said in a confessional.  “Both of them.”  He went to Russell and Colby and stuck out his hand asking for them to join him in an alliance that will last all the way to the final three.  Rupert thought it was a great opportunity to win the game by taking the biggest villain to the final vote.

Rude Rupert

Later that night, the women returned from their Reward.  When everybody went to bed, Rupert stayed up late into the night and worked around the fire.  But his efforts kept everybody awake all night as he chopped wood and tossed stuff around.  Jerri thought he was one of the most inconsiderate people she’s ever met.  Since she couldn’t sleep, Jerri and Russell went off together to talk about the Reward.  He told her that he wasn’t upset and wanted to do anything to make sure they make it to the final two together.  Russell later said in a confessional that he had to stick with her because with Jerri he knows he can control her vote — and he wanted to use her to take out Parvati next.


Pole Problems

At the Immunity challenge, the contestants had to outstretch their arms and place poles on the backside of each of their hands.  They had to push the pole up onto a wooden plank above their heads.  If one of the poles fell over, they would be eliminated from the challenge.

15 seconds in, Colby screwed up and lost the challenge.  Truly, is anybody surprised?  Colby is cold this season in every aspect.  From superstar to dud.  Less than one minute later, Sandra was eliminated next.  Then it was Russell and Jerri.  After a short struggle to stay in the challenge, Rupert lost a pole, and with that, Parvati won Immunity.

Russell Rampage

Back at camp on day 36, Russell said his decision became very easy — to take out Rupert.  He felt that Parvati’s victory at the Immunity challenge forced him to stick with the women.


But not so fast.  Sandra and Rupert had a strategy discussion and she pitched a plan to eliminate Russell.  Rupert, being loyal to his new ally, went straight to Russell and told him what Sandra had been saying.  Rupert was hoping to ensure that he and Colby were Russell’s gateway to the final three.  So to make sure Rupert wasn’t lying, Russell went to Sandra and asked if she was with him or against him.  She flat out said that she was against him.  Frustrated with her friend from the Pearl Islands season, Sandra yelled over to Rupert and told him that loose lips sink ships.  Moments later, Parvati teased Russell about the way he was acting, which did nothing but piss him off.

One Final Idol

At Tribal Council, Sandra explained her frustrations with Rupert and Russell.  Jeff was shocked to hear that Sandra was so openly against Russell.  She didn’t even play it off and pretend to be on his side.  Parvati said the game is definitely no longer about Heroes Vs. Villains, but about current relationships with everybody left in the game (and those on the jury).  Rupert also weighed in on the factors to consider when moving closer to the final jury vote.


One by one, the remaining six players cast their ballots.  When Sandra voted against Rupert she said that he would vote for her to win the game anyway.  When Jeff returned to the podium with votes in hand, Sandra rose to her feet immediately and played her Idol right off the bat (this was the last opportunity for her to do so).  “I would hate to go home with the Idol in my bra,” Sandra said.  When she handed it off to Jeff, Russell whispered to Parvati, “She’s bad.”

As the votes were read, Sandra had received two votes with the rest falling against Rupert.  As Rupert’s torch was snuffed, he turned and stared down Russell with one of the meanest looks I’ve ever seen.  Then he walked into the distance.


Now only five remain — one Hero and four Villains.  Colby, Sandra, Russell, Parvati and Jerri.  Who will outwit, outlast and outplay all the others to become the sole Survivor?  Find out this coming Sunday, May 16.  It’s all followed by the live reunion show from the Ed Sullivan Theater in New York City.  Stay tuned in the days after the finale for Ryan Haidet’s exclusive red carpet coverage.

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